First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Oscar Guzmán THEM Dominican Republic
Emmanuel Bonsu JOLT Ghana
Hassan Ammar SILVER CASE Not Specified
Amber Yezel MIAU Puerto Rico
William Louis The price of love France
kim lev ronin Jungle Go Dumb ft Will I Am France
Lifart Jérémy Land of excellence France
julie ducrocq La Zingara et Les Jeunes Gens France
julie ducrocq DEATH AND THE MUSICIAN France
Benjamin King No Respect United States
Vincent NAFFRÉCHOUX Dust on Pebble France
Stonestreet Studios THEM United States
Pierre Descamps Au delà de l'hygiène France
Peacy Letamo Art Land of the Bullets France
Peacy Letamo Art Land of the Bullets France
alban coret Stories France
Joshua Abah DELILAH United States
m y Just Another Summer Day Japan
Adrian Edery Only you Israel
Guy Ward Orpheus United Kingdom
Roy Davidson TAMA (Hope) Malta
Tetyana Chernyavska The Veteran Dramedy Germany
Dorian Simon Coup de coeur France
Pierre SONGY LIBRE France
Gideon Breytenbach The Voice Behind The Wall South Africa
Gaylord Foureau A courageous move France
Davide Pellino Nothing's Left Italy
Michael Hayes Life Cycle Challenge Canada
David Fischer Sight United States
Kiera Morgan DREAMS LIVE IN TREES United Kingdom
Jeb Hardwick The Offspring - Behind Your Walls United Kingdom
Chris Smith Save the Watermelon United States
iman perez Gameos France
Naomi Grim Borja Forget-me-not Canada
Phoenix Art Foundation It's Spring... Armenia
Claudia Ruiz My fears Argentina
Ugo STACH Au bout de trois France
Victoria Mellot Thought Of The Day France
Attila Végh Mysterious forest Hungary
Found You Found You United States
KAYANO FILM Hoarder on the Border Japan
Jesse Dorian SVEN United States
CJ Morrison TOUCHED United States
paule muxel Tom and Luce France
Mike Felix A Chat Over Death New Zealand
Benjamin Muasya Saturnalia Denmark
Felix Swahn Being A Dog Sweden
Chris Mack DIVA France
Dimitri Drandarevski Your dreams depends on a few beans France
Isabel Restrepo Lead Astray •|• Indigo Belgium
Dom Gould Digital North Australia
Lucas Montal Dog France
Laura Montero Abad Sonoma (Le film, pas le spectacle) Spain
Steven Sawalich Case for Kindness United States
Ali Jordan Sestra 2 United States
VIKTOR PETRENKO Breathing Ukraine
Emmylou Barden Dearly Departed Not Specified
Dennis Haseley TRICK OF THE EYE United States
Victor Bergström Funeral Comic Sweden
Leon Hipp OMNIA Germany
JAMES STEWAR Chateau Laurier -Season 2 Canada
Fun Times Productions Our Father United States
Krisztian Egry Memoirs of Métiers - About coal and love Hungary
Ima Iduozee After We’re Gone Finland
Bry Troyer My Dead Boyfriend United States
Ugo Aubry Wave Land France
Srdjan Perkic Lights of Sarajevo (int) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Joaquim Weibull The Murder of Olof Palme Sweden
Virginie BLUZAT The Scratch France
Sebastien Duattis Any Old Sunday France
theo lichtenberg  Torn Souls (Les Mains Vides) France
Benjamin Payet Komorebi France
Sally Stubbs Centurions Canada
Toni D'Antonio An Unfamiliar Life United States
Fantasmagorie Studio srl Transparent Black and Iron Rich Red Italy
Stephen Wise Blackwater Blues United States
Sara Caldwell The Ghost Under My Bed United States
Melika Rezapour The One-Way Ticket Germany
florian lesieur Haïku France
Emily Trueswell Oh Deer Rides The Bus United States
Silvester Zwaneveld The One Netherlands
Joseph Anthony Francis Windy City United States
Post WonderlandFilms The women who came from the Lotus Field Thailand
Joachim Peter Mentawai - Souls of the Forest Indonesia
Jean COSTA Naughty Spot France
QuakeBaby Productions Rorschach United States
Freak Factory Space Monkeys Italy
Joshua Echevarria Pile - "Loops" United States
Serhat Sen Unfamiliar Memories Turkey
Eren Aybars Arpacik The Golden Girls of Etrim Turkey
Salvatore Riggio Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice) United States
ROBIN ODONGO Bangarang Kenya
Delphine Berger Origami France
Theodore Ushev Phi 1.618 Bulgaria
jay wheddon GOING T*TS UP! United Kingdom
Hayden Elefante Forgive Me, Father United States
John McHale Blood Brothers United States
Thomas Dunzendorfer Pinheiro | Ep02 - Refresh Austria
Sangwook Ahn Salvar Korea, Republic of
Thereza Helena Osmosis United States
Eric Sollars NOTRE DAME IS IN FLAMES United States
Colleen Asbury Lunch Lady United States
Carlos Perez The Spider and the Fly United States
Juan Manuel Solé Happily ever after Uruguay
Antoine Svolanek Modern Life France
marco mandelli where my fingers end Italy
Morris Ternevich The soul of Ukraine Ukraine
Imre Szabo-Stein Festival Academy Budapest -Art of teaching Hungary
Elizabeth Winters Only So An Hour United States
Lottie Andersen Oscar's lovers France
Julia Ernesti Killing in a Vegan way Serbia
Sophie Richez Cécilia France
Pamela PerryGoulardt THE OPERATOR United States
Gary Trinklein The Shack - An Atmos-Fearic Thriller United States
Yue Chen Alone United States
Matt Provenzano Welcome to the Theatre Not Specified
Bj Margan ARNO France
Jeremy Armand Ether France
Sophie Essmat Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins Norway
Cedrick Nichols SCRATCH United States
Dyann Chiang Gay Best Husband Taiwan
Yuheng Xie Ruby Ring United States
Brandon Gries Bare Metal United States
Jules Cherbonnier THE THINGS THAT MATTER France
Tobiasz Wałkiewicz Art of Crossing Poland

paul hodgson Give Them Wings 2 United Kingdom
Jamy Wheless Andy "A Dog's Tale" United States
HAKAN ERDOGAN 45 Size Heels Turkey
Lea Lambs Never too late! France
Oleg Bazylewicz Oroboro Island Ukraine
Spencer Ryan Old Flames Canada
Gadient Bigna-Maria Limbo Germany
Maclovia Martel Tracks United States
Fukuda Masora Mirai To Future Japan
Ali Kiani A Tale of Bondage United States
Carolyn Gair FLOWER United States
Stefano Rovetto The Etruscan Angel Italy
Spyridon Papaspyrou Short Draft Greece
4AM Pictures Hamster United Kingdom
kim lev ronin Balotelli France
Eric Cayron NETSEF 1 France
Karas Charlotte White France
& Christan
Van Slyke
Another Christmas Movie United States
Rafael Altamira Highway 15 Mexico
Rafał Sankiewicz C'est la vie Poland
Luke Danniells The How Of Collage Ireland
Delphine Berger Origami France
Timm Scharge Andreagene - bewitched tonight by 1000Staffords Germany
Vincent Pioli Mister Time France
Roberto Romano WINTER Italy
Iesha Price Residence 906 The Movie United States
Cyril Masson ELEVEN TWELVE (15min) France
volkan Özgümüş The Cadaver Turkey
Eftychia Maria Kondyli Strange Town (Poli Xeni) Greece
JT Madicus Final Diagnosis United States
Gabriel Boyer The Green Dragon France
Farrago Produzione Rumors (Pilot) Italy
Radio Europe Film Radio Europe Germany
Tarek Mallo Book of Grim - Chapter I: BETWIXT DARKNESS Lebanon
Mahesh Madhu Lazy Bones United Kingdom
Piotr Jablonowski Mazda x Lilienstahl Austria
J. P. Johnston Oberlin United States
Fred TAVERNIER On n'a pas fini France
Sándor Cs . Nagy Invisibles Hungary
Nicolas BENOIT Parallax France
Tom Yoo The Movie WillBengers: Mysterious Camping Korea, Republic of
Edward Drake MANDY'S MOUNTAIN United States
Jules Thenier Guillty France
Victor Hugo Fumagalli Victims of the Wolf Switzerland
Emanuel Toffolo THE FLAME - The Art and the History of Lampworking Italy
Julien Marquet OLYMPIQUE France
Catrinel Bratescu A Scene of War Romania
Kevin Enhart Primum Non Nocere - Part 1 France
Far From Your Sun I felt a Funeral, in my Brain France
Duško Stanivuk On Solid Ground Serbia
Macabit Abramson Woman Alive Israel
Olivier Staphylas The Meeps - Love Louder United States
Dennis Woo 「 Veba Geceleri 」-蝶化莊生- China
Sophie Penn Halcyon Days United States
Tim Walton The Lightkeeper's Tale United States
Viv Young Blood Relations United Kingdom
eva stocker-füzesi Late? Never! Hungary
Nilgoon Askari Fuchsia Fox United States
THOMAS VEROVSKI Metamorphosis France
Joseph Rodriguez The Archway Man United States
Kevin DeVries The True Summit United States
Tatiana Dutuit-Sauter Lucie Canada
Sam Ademola The Accent United States
Sasvári Richárd KETRIĀM Hungary
Sally Cheng Remi Australia
Thabang Masanabo KLEVA-ISH South Africa
Plumas Absynthe Juste un clown France
Augustin Podlipajev But, I Don't Have A Spoon United Kingdom
sina muhammed TRANSIENT HAPPINESS Iraq
Kevin van den Heuvel ASLANBEK 'The boy from Kyrgyzstan' Netherlands
Jing Lam HUI China
Dympna Jardine Wool United Kingdom
Adam Poulos Soul Survivors - An Obsession Of The Heart Part One United States
Sylvain BRESSOLLETTE Just before France
Ben Root Make It Work Not Specified
Ben Root Animals United States
afilm International Awakening: A Mermaid's Tale Spain
Patrick Kalish Why are Demons so Ugly and Angels Not? United States
Tiny Giants Stationheads Hungary
Yang Chenxing Bliss and Sad China
Connor Richmond REROOT United Kingdom
Thierry Gaudin We are the Earth France
Gerald Wood The Adagio United States
Ye Tian Lonely Meadow China
Apoorva Rege Akanksha on the Planet Blarg India
& Emanuel
The Frontline: The Nurses Strike Back United States
Regina Junior Win A Date With Rachel Ciemone United States
Juan Carlos Guzman Gomez Tinta en sueño France
Gerardo Rocha Pieces of my life Mexico
Kyle Newacheck Stranger In The Woods United States
Steve Lichtenstein Aaron With 2 A's United States
Madeleine Gomez Flamenco: Passion in Danger United States
Matthew Gossin Hating Beckett United States
Ronen Tregerman In the footsteps of the Holy Bible United States
Mike Gallagher The Deadline United States
Rose Kelso You and Me, Naked Boy United States
Alberto José Redondo Villa HORSES Spain
luke young Lets Talk United Kingdom
Jurijs Kruze Not an ordinary Mechanic Latvia
Sylvie Zaidman tRuth Belgium
Danica Kleinknecht Wish That I Could United States
Robin Narciso Eclissi Italy
Philippe Letang SPIKE GAME France
Blerina Kellezi Blood in the blackbirds' field. A story of war, justice and resilience. Kosovo
Niko Ravel The Crapken France
Raphael Dussud PalabresFrance
Katarzyna Bińko Once means forever   Poland
Damjan Gomisel Anime Perse - Lost Souls Italy
Antonio Perez CAMILA HUNCK Spain
Darina Zhunussova Amidst the Quiet Latvia
Viktorija Rimkutė I am Fine, Thanks Lithuania
Dilyana Daneva PARTY BUS Bulgaria
Nasti Tzatch Nest Bulgaria
Virginia Russo The Dog Lie (eng sub) Italy
Kokoe Film Studios Dilemma United Kingdom
Lasse Stensrud Asbjørn Høglund - A gatekeeper in the shadows Norway
UNION DIVISION Crawdad United States
seamus sullivan Krypteia United States
Eva Debrodt Emancipation Germany
Elliot Stanton Deadline To Death United Kingdom