Olga Niekrasova born in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 15 of April 1992. Moved by a great desire to fulfill my knowledge in foreign language and literature I entered the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of Philology. In 2015 I graduated from the faculty of English/Spanish Philology and Translation with an A-class degree.

I write screenplays, poetry, novels. I have proved my worth through awards that my projects have received worldwide.
In the summer of July 2019, I had a lucky chance to participate in the movie of Woody Allen “Rifkin’s Festival” that was filmed in San Sebastian, Spain. Having the incredible opportunity to witness “from inside” how Woody Allen, a professional director, and screenwriter was working on his movie, gave me an impulse and motivation for further work as a writer and filmmaker.

Screenwriting and filmmaking allow me to unleash my imagination and creativity to deliver the best possible results.

1. What topic do you discuss in your script? And why?

I have several projects and currently, I’m working on two new short screenplays and a feature screenplay. In a few words, I will speak about some of my projects.

Short screenplay
“Warm Sea of Memories” – is a story about the importance of family and the regaining of losing family bonds, on the rapprochement of the generation gap and healing power of sweet memories.

The short screenplay
“Night Highway” consists of several different stories that raise issues such as war, death of a child, misunderstandings in a family that lead to family breakup, the gap between social classes and its consequences, rape. This screenplay is based on my poem with the same title.

The short screenplay
“Dance” is about violence and discrimination that women can face in different societies all around the world. This screenplay is also based on my poem with the same title. The uniqueness of this screenplay lies in the delicate perceptible adornments that accompany each episode.

Feature Screenplay
“I am as I am, You are as You are” speaks about difficulties trying to make the book published and how does it affect the writer, about relationships when indifference and hypocrisy prevail support and understanding, and about how sudden gesture of generosity and kindness to the person in despair and need can unexpectedly change life both for you and the person.

The pilot serie
“Origami” explores the topic of adoption and whether any person can adopt and become a “real” parent not to a biological child or it is an inborn vocation.

2. How do people feel after reading your script?

The main aim when I write my screenplays is to make people reflect on various issues in our life. I want to direct people to a rethinking of some lost values or moral factors, to find out some important missing puzzles in our lives. I intend my screenplays to be a gulp of fresh breeze.

3. Do you think that films can change people for the better or the worse?

The film is a powerful multilayered tool that contains far more than only entertainment itself. It can change people for the better and the worst.

I think the violence that can be overused and even exaggerated changes people for the worst unconsciously programs people for cruelty and brutality whether are physical or psychological. I don’t claim not to use violence at all, but it should be measured properly, used, and shown objectively, for instance, to reveal the consequences of war and other tragical issues or with the educational aim to change patterns of people’s behavior for the better or to transmit the message to the world.

Whereas movies that inspire, motivate, encourage, or are thought-provoking, that console in taught moments can be a light in darkness.

Movies can control and lead the whole masses of people, so actually, every movie available to us matters, its concept and goal can have a significant effect on people and consequently on societies.

4. According to 3-act dramaturgy, how would you define your story?

Stimulating, Inspirational, Creative, Visual, Deep, Thought-Provoking, Intriguing, Dramatic, Beautiful.

5. How does the main character develop?

In my works, there are two options for character development. 
The first is when from the very beginning the character is faced with a certain problem or conflict and gradually through experience, he/she comes to certain conclusions and changes. This option is dramatic and includes various emotional jumps and moments. It can be compared to a roller coaster, but in the end, we see what the hero came to.

The second option is akin to an open end. When a character also experiences certain situations and dramas, but at the end, we cannot unambiguously say what conclusions the character has come to and how his life will develop in the future.
This version of character development seems interesting to me and rather stimulating and intriguing. It can be helpful and practical to give the viewer food for thought.

6. What actors do you imagine in your project (typologically)?

It is a tricky question. I’ll refrain from answering it. Everything depends on the production, budget, country, and other components of filmmaking. The most important will be the talent of an actor and how the person feels his/her character.

7. Why do you think your script should attract a director?

My screenplays are very visual and it helps to imagine the whole project to get a proper understanding and future perspective of it. All mentioned above projects got awards on International Movie Festivals around the world or became finalists which is an extra attractive score.

8. At which festivals did you receive the award?

Short script
"Night Highway": Best short screenplay award at Golden Wheat Awards (Istanbul, Turkey) 2021

Feature screenplay "I am as I am, You are as you are": Nominee for the best screenplay (Tokyo, Japan) 2021

Short script “DANCE”: Best Screenplay Award at Global India International Film Festival 2020.

Short Script "Night Highway": Honorable Mention at Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Czech Republic) 2020.

Short Script "Warm Sea of Memories": Best Short Script Award at 1st Monthly Film Festival (Serbia) 2020.

Short Script "Warm Sea of Memories": Finalist at Alemrere Rahmet Ulususlararasi Kisa Film Festivali (Istanbul, Turkey) 2021

Short Script "Warm Sea of Memories": Finalist at Art Film Festival (Macedonia) 2021

Short Screenplay “Dance”: Finalist at Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Slovakia) 2020.

Short Script "Warm Sea of Memories": Finalist at Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Slovakia) 2020.

Short script "Dance": Finalist at International Moving Film Festival(Iran) 2020

Pilot TV Serie “Origami”: Official Selection at Global India International Film Festival 2020

9. Which screenwriters are your favorite and why?

I can say that I’m absolutely fascinated by the works of Wes Anderson, Guillaume Laurant, Claude Berri, John Hughes, Woody Allen, and Richard Curtis. The precious features of their works are genius use of visuality, sublime or intellectual humor, anatomic psychological preciseness, and the wholeness of characters. What I appreciate the most in screenplays and movies is exquisite workmanship that you can see and feel on all possible levels from technical and photo visual to metaphorical, true-believing, and engaging.

10. About which topics are your screenplays?

In my works, I raise both social topics and personal dramas and problems.
I try to do it visually and in an original way to achieve the maximum result and reach the most secret closed doors of human souls. Of course, the war in Ukraine in my native country, this immense grief, and pain, a huge amount of deaths, destruction, brutal violence, and crippled human destinies will make my future projects more profound.

11. What motivates you the most to write screenplays?

I love writing in general.
Since I learned how to write my mother used to ask me to make up a story: how my day was, what interesting I saw, what impressed me, etc. It was my duty that finally became the biggest passion and aspiration of my life.

I write and experiment with different genres. Screenwriting is attractive and interesting for me because my thinking is completely implemented in the structure of screenplay and the project that I have after finishing my work makes me happy. It’s vital. And of course, the screenplay is the first and most important step towards movie production and it’s what my main goal is.

12. What are your plans for future careers?

I see myself as a screenwriter, writer, and filmmaker. The writing as a whole and the movie industry, in particular, is kind of my inner fire that moves me further and enriches me professionally and personally. Also, I am currently raising funds for my future short movie
“Warm Sea of Memories”.