James Pratt

James Pratt is an award-winning actor and director residing in Los Angeles California. He is the recipient of various film awards including, Winning Best Director at the Cannes Film Awards in 2022, Best Actor at Beyond Hollywood and Australia’s Top 5 under 35 in 2019. James’s career in film started when he made a short film for $200 in remote outback Australia that went on to be a finalist in the NBC Universal Shorts Fest. Since then, he has gone to work on Oscar nominated feature films and Emmy Winning television shows. At Present James sits on numerous advisory films boards and is a founding member at Mogul Productions which includes academy award nominated producers, Cindy Cowan, David Cormican and Piers Tempest and has experience in creating over 225 hours of scripted content and produced more than 95 feature films with more than $425M in box office revenue and one win from 5 Oscar nominations.

Tatiana Dutuit-Sauter

Tatiana Dutuit-Sauter (Germany), a graduate of Vancouver Film School, graduated with a diploma in 2D Animation, she is also a graduate of Fine Arts of Toulon - CEAP (Plastic Art Study Certificat) with specialization in art.

She is the director of the movie "Lucie" and animator for the movie "Mystic Melee". With the film Lucie, she won last year's Cannes Film Awards 2023.

Bonie Sithebe

With 17 years of experience in the film and TV production industry, Bonie Sithebe has developed a deep understanding of the entire production process from inception to completion. Her expertise extends beyond the creative aspects of production, as she has also gained extensive knowledge on how to navigate the international market and festivals. She has had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects for top-tier broadcasters such as NETFLIX, SABC, DSTV, ETV, and SHOWMAX

Throughout her career, she has garnered numerous awards and recognition both locally and internationally, showcasing her talent and dedication to the craft. Her versatility and experience in the industry have allowed her to work in various roles such as producer, line producer, supervising producer, writer, and mentor, providing my expertise to a wide range of projects.