sdiri mohamed

Director of Seul

Sdiri Mohamed 28 years Paris, France first film, written, directed, produced, and played in the main role by myself arriving in France from Tunisia (Ghardimaou) at the age of 11 without speaking the French language, I learned on my own, from a family of 3 children, an older sister and 2 twin boys, grew up with a lot of family difficulties, school failure , I understood very quickly that I wanted to do cinema, so I headed to Cannes where I did training in the luxury hotel industry, I discovered the festival and the world of cinema, this made me even more ambitious, once the training finished I'm leaving for Paris, where I have important meetings but I'm going to face some difficulties I'm going to start casting, submitting CVs everywhere amateur roles, TV extras, student films, music videos and so on, I understand very quickly that it's not my way so I write alone I bring together 2 people is the adventure of alone to begin, until today, 33 world selections, prize for best drama film at Cannes world festival, prize for best actor in Austin, numerous jury prizes, ect ect ect, the film continues its festival exploitation path and I wrote 2 that I plan to start soon, AHNEDONIE is LOYAL. my goal is the Oscar.

Your project has entered in our festival. What is your project about?

My project consists of showing the reality of our working environment, which is super difficult all over the world, when you're poor, without being able to afford the right schools, and knowing the elites or the right contacts, everything is almost impossible to get funding or to show or exhibit your work, getting an agent, a producer or a production company or a distributor is really a miracle, so I tried to show through this short film the psychological weight of permanent refusals, of no response, but also what it does to the family circle and society, you see everyone moving forward in their lives, with a stable professional and human situation but nothing moves forward for you yet you can not give up because the cinema lives in you morning noon evening, you have nightmares, depression, and I am one of those people who carries a lot of passion for this profession, exercising this profession is as essential as breathing for me so the film is to show a fine part of reality but with a lot of realism.

What are your ambitions with your project?
My ambition, after having built a success in the es festival of the whole world, is to make it the feature film to find producer, an agent and to develop the film at the world level because I am convinced of its range, the film tells as well a real professional history but also shows what that engenders in the real life of a person who sacrifices himself to try to arrive there, I'd like to see it broadcast on the world's biggest platforms to as many people as possible and, at the same time, develop it into a feature film. I'm certain it could end up at the Oscars, where it could win an award or 2 or even more if those who want to follow me are as crazy and ambitious as I am.

Tell us something about your shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?  
It took me 4 years to shoot because I didn't have a production company, I didn't know anything about acting, directing, sound, lighting, staging, scripts, production, editing, colour grading, marketing, festivals, in short I didn't know anything about anything, I didn't go to school, but what really surprised me was how difficult it was to make the film, It really taught me that a shoot is above all about the unexpected, and I learned that I was capable of understanding and bouncing back quickly to complete my project, but the best memory I have is without doubt the end of the shoot for my climax scene in the truck, I was so proud to have done it in just one take, this scene and its rather complex technique remain my favourite memory of the shoot.

For what group of spectators is your film targeted?
My film is universal, it's as much for someone who wants to set up a business, as for someone who wants to make a big trip around the world, as for someone who wants to build a house, as for someone who wants to go into film or other artistic fields, my film is for everyone on our planet, I deeply believe that we all have something deep inside of us that we want to achieve, but very often we don't know how to start, then we are afraid of failure, of wasting our time, or quite simply the fear of the unknown, getting out of our comfort zone and the imposed life of metro, work, sleep, I show a poor person not living in the capital of his country, having no means, no contacts, nothing that could lead him to believe that he would succeed in what he wants, he tries anyway and I always say you have to do it even when it's badly done, because the biggest regret and remorse is not and never will be to have failed but to never have tried, My film belongs to the ambitious and those who are afraid to be, it belongs to the poor but also to the rich because a rich person also has his ambitions and his fears at his level, my film is adaptable to many stories, and different paths of life, I do not want it to speak only to a part of people I created it so that it speaks to the world without border, without origin. It's called seul but it's for everyone.

Why should distributors buy your film?
Buy my film because it has a real story of creation, first of all it has a public utility of motivation or at least trying to better understand and perhaps improve access to success for those who have nothing, and who still have the talent to get there, buy my film and also a way to bring out a young person who doesn't have the map, nor the codes, but who has things to say, to tell, a look, an ambition, is above all a real vision, I do not see the purchase of my short film as a goal, but as the beginning of a long collaboration, of trust and hard work to reach the highest level, that is to say the Oscars . My film tells a true story, filmed with the means at hand, but authentic, and I am certain, I carry the deep conviction, that this film will go very, very far because it carries a universal message, at a time when we have as need unity, and hope, buying it among all the other very good films on the market means making the choice to give a chance to someone who doesn't have one. The film is very realistic and authentic and really speaks to everyone without barriers

How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
its authenticity, its harsh brutal reality, its great moment of awkward silence filled with weariness, showing what it costs to be in life of no choice, to suffer rather than to flourish, it tells something else, it has no filter between reality and the screen, life is not always beautiful and rosy, and this film shows it in its most present brutality, understanding the importance of feeling in one's place in a world where everyone no longer really knows what is it to have a meaning to one's existence, I define it as useful work, images of the deep suffering of a human who does not find his place, who is rejected and misunderstood, this film is characterized by the real story of its history and authenticity of its games

Why did you decided to become a filmmaker?
I never really wanted to be a stage designer or director, even less a producer, but I spent a long time looking for roles, castings, opportunities, I never managed to get what I really wanted, so quite quickly on advice also from my husband sister for a long time he told me write your own ideas but it wasn't my ambitions I just wanted to be an actor nothing else, but by dint of never having the role that I expect, of responding to clichés, or projects that are not up to the height of my ambitions which are once again the Oscars, I ended up saying to myself finally I am going to follow my stories and from there I started to imagine (alone) then to bring together a small team and now I want to grow with my stories , my vision of the world, and I too leave my mark in the 7th art that I love so much, and I love the power of writing and the feeling of freedom that it brings me, it's a real outlet for me , I have a very different life path from young people my age and I have always felt out of step with generations since I discovered the pen and the paper, I have the impression of having found peace and putting his faults, his faults, his vision and his qualities at the service of a scenario, that really pleases me and more and more, I am also in the process of writing the 2nd film.

Who is your role model?
my problem is that I don't really have a model, I want to keep my spirit of creativity free from any intrusion from other filmmakers, known or not, but obviously I have immense respect for Mr. Danzel Washintgon who remains for me the actor number one in the world, his choice of film, the message he carries, and his real acting commands admiration, my big dream and I do everything to ensure that it does not remain a dream is touring with him, an immense respect and admiration for this great man for what he does in the cinema and for the cinema as well as outside the cinema he is an example of good conduct, good morality, and also courage and work he reminds me a lot of my father on certain aspect in his morality, and he has always praised work, as he did when he won his Oscar (without work there is no Danzel) and I agree with him.

Which movies are your favorites? Why?
equalizer 2 I like the notions of sacrifice, of saving the other, Mr. Danzel interprets it with surgical precision, this film shows the 2 paradoxes of 2 men who both lost faith in their own humanity but one and became the worst version by himself, the other no longer believes in anything for himself but sacrifices himself so that good is done for others and all this he does in silence and in secret without expecting recognition or return, I admire that. a French film (samba) retracing the journey and life of an undocumented person, in France, the fears they face on a daily basis then the pressure from the family to stay in the country, and having to find money in a country where it is difficult to find accommodation and to nourish yourself, I like the contrast to show that humans are by nature full of flaws, of contradictions, I admire the psychology of the characters made in the situation of their stories

Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
I look for inspiration in the most critical states, my most difficult moments, in my most brutal suffering, I am not afraid to dive so deep into a pain experience no matter how excruciating it may be, my authenticity I will go there look in real things that I have gone through, I don't like to play my films, I like to experience them and make them feel, I like the reality of human complexity, I seek my inspiration in the paradoxes of our actions and our words, I seek the truth in the loss of all self-esteem, I seek the technicality of the game in the depths of the brutality of a romantic breakup, a deception, a death, or others, I deeply believe that cinema must make you dream but it must also be pure, true, brutal when the story lends itself to it, I am quite harsh in my creations because I forgive myself nothing, and I seek the truth in its purest degree.

Which topics interest you the most?
my favorite subjects are the psychology of a human in all its states explore and film them and make people understand that our nature is that we are imperfect and show it faithfully on the screen I also like comedy where we all laugh together and at everything without hurting, without provoking, just laughing together without wondering if the neighboring seat is of a particular origin or religion or political side or skin color or other just laughing together I also like historical war films because the men who die, the films remain and are transmitted and I find it very important that we also tell others who come after us the history of the world and of each people who make up this world must have their films which guarantee the memory of its history otherwise I am very open I like everything and I watch everything

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?
my greatest success is being a young Tunisian immigrant, arriving at the age of 11 in France, not speaking the language and having experienced a chaotic life from the start, managing to integrate, speaking the language perfectly, and make a film that wins awards around the world and also in Cannes, I went through so many difficult times in my life I explored my darkest and most painful states and today I am answering an interview in Cannes, This remains a great source of pride for me and I hope to grow even more because I want the Oscar for best actor one day or another.

What do you consider most important about filming?
in my opinion, in a shoot, the most important thing above all is a united team with the same ambitions, a team who are not afraid to finish late, to start again, to adapt to the unexpected, then a production which really supports you in your creations and actors who play together not actors and actresses who play for the ego, it must remain an exchange, we must all pull each other up, and above all be good humans all, because the atmosphere and sharing remain for life, and nothing lasts except the good times shared and finally the ambition must be to want to go for the biggest prizes, without losing your sporting spirit. a film is carried by all its teams and it is important that everyone succeeds in their task brilliantly
Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?
I like when the camera is a character when it infiltrates the actors' circles, when it walks with them, runs with them, when it captures their tears as close as possible to them I like the stabilizers they allow exceptional shots for this type of scenes and to capture what we want as close as possible to our actors, but I also like aerial shots by drone or helicopter because this allows us to express an exceptional view and make sensational shots as close as possible to the mountains or even the volcanoes or others , you have to pay attention to the drone shot because it must not deserve the purpose of a scene or a common thread, and I like the shoulder-mounted camera, it emerges in the viewer as close as possible to the actors and offers him an interesting experience in images I am very admiring of the camera work that the teams of the film (1917) by Sam Mendes do, exceptional, very good work

How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?
I find current cinema slow when it comes to its transitions with its current era, but I remain optimistic because cinema always ends up accepting what it rejects at times, I find that we need to let new stories take place on our screens, and take the risk of supporting his new stories until their success

What can disappoint you in a movie?
it all depends on the type of film I'm watching at that moment, but I would say the lack of sincerity of the actors, and the lack of research in writing the script or a scene

Who supports you in your film career?
absolutely no one, for my debut, except the husband of my sister Sophiane whom I would like to thank here for his moral support but now that I have reassured my mother, I obviously have the support of my brother and my sister as well as my friend Adel who accompanies me everywhere, and in all my madness I owe her a lot. I would also like to have a word for my dad Nouri, who passed away in 2017 I told him a few months before dad I'm going to try to do cinema and he told me well if it's a good path I hope you'll arrive then dad I'm far away from the finish line but I am no longer in the starting line. I have a mini Oscar stuck on my fridge, break it in two, I will keep it until the day I bring back the real one. until then I have to continue working