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Peter Boiadzhieff is an American film maker and actor of Bulgarian origin. He was fascinated with movies at early age, because this was only way to escape from reality and used your imagination to create stories and characters. He was born on 1974 in the capital city Sofia in Bulgaria. Growing up in a small-town Petrich by his grandparents. The town is border between Greece and Macedonia, a former SFR Yugoslavia, located in Eastern Europe. The town was place of the famous oracle 'Vanga' the famous 'Spartacus' who was fighting for freedom in early days. He created his first movie as a high school project.

Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he helped some of the film makers with their film projects. He joined local filming group Fork Shop where he able to work in different roles as camera operator, sound mixer, lights, even acting. He took the Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe three times and able to perform at The Punch Line Comedy club in Atlanta. He directed several short films and created several rafting videos. His short film The Secret Project 53 has been officially selected more than 15 times and won the award of the Best First Time Director in Hollywood Blood Horror Festival. Also, the series Braaking Newz has been nominated 5 times as semi-finalist in category best comedy and parody.

He worked with the greatest actors like Sonia Suarez Alonzo, Paul Black, Brittany Black, Ruby Singleton, and many others. He continues to work on his coming project in Atlanta Georgia and Ocoee Tennessee, like The Reporter from Ocoee with Love, I Love America Comedy, and Coffee with Kriss Boiadzhieff interviewing Stephen at the Fork Shop.

1. Your film is entered in our Cannes Film Awards. What is your film

I have two films that I already submitted to your festival. One is short documentary about the legendary film maker Stephen Blackmon one the best leader in the film industry in Atlanta Georgia. I am interviewing him, and he has very interesting point of view, you should watch it to find out. The title is “Braaking Newz with Stephen”! Another one is a drama between two successful news anchors Lorra and Anna delivering the Newz with unexpected appearance of Bigfoot, the comedian and the President. This is was a pilot of web series up to 30 minutes and the title is “Braaking Newz”! I hope to get some good and bad feedback about both films. Again, thank you for been part of your festival.

2. What are your ambitions with your project?
My desire about my project “Braaking Newz” was … you expected me to say earning millions of dollars, but in reality, I do not have any material desire at all. My goal was put the script together, cast the actors, shoot the film, edited and distribute the final cut online in Vimeo. That was my simple goal and I was very proud that I was able achieved, even I burned the movie on DVD. However, someone told me, why not you try to submit the film to the festivals which I did and the film got almost dozen official selections, few semi-finalist and finalist. After several rejections and long waiting time until the film was published on Amazon Prime. I am very happy that it turns out in that way after all “Braaking Newz” was one of my first three films. Now, I am thinking to make it as web series.
You can get more details about the movie in our web site here .

3. How was the shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?
The shooting was not bad at all, I filmed most of the part by myself, except the part that I am performing at the comedy club The Punch Line in Atlanta Georgia. It was a graduation night, but nobody will notice it. We filmed one part in my house in green screen, at the comedy club, in the studio in Alpharetta, used some footage from Ocoee Tennessee, and my neighbor filmed the aerial footage with his drone.
I was surprised that I was able to put the whole film together after several months thinking how to edit it, which part to remove and which one to stay and ended up with several version, that I decided to make it as web series.

4. For what target group is your film?
I really love this question, at the time of creating the film this was not very important, but when I reached for distribution this question is the most important one. It took me sometime to realize that I am creating film for myself, in other words I was the target group.
For my film I want the target group to be the general or wider audience, including males and females, teenagers.
I do not have data to analyze in order to know the specific group, but I hope that one group of people will love it.

5. Why should distributors buy your film?
This is more of sales question and it is very important, but my goal was different when I created this film for entertainment purpose.
The best way to find out is let them watch the film and decide by themselves, here is the web site .

6. How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
I would like to say that my film “Braaking Newz” is a comedy, or parody that the two characters the Comedian and the President are living in a fantasy world and like to have recognition by the audience. If can specify in one statement a comedy where the fantasy has no limits, you can be whatever you want to be!

7. Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?
As a kid I did not have these goals, I want to be a doctor, I want to be accountant, I want to be a film maker when I grew up. I was just going with the flow, playing games outside, going to the river, to the maintains, no cell phones no Instagram, no other things …, yes, we had a tv black and white that had just two channels. That it is folks just 2 channels and I was very happy because right now there are too many choices, multiple streaming services, what I should watch first this series on Netflix, Amazon, Disney plus, Roku, NBC. It was great the old days, but old days are over we are in the new digital age and we as a film maker should take advantage of the possible opportunities to create new content.
I am a software developer and love solving problems and make the customers happy, also I love creating films starting from the script, casting the actor, filming, editing and completing the final cut. There are is a lot of creativity and in the film, you can create characters that you cannot have in the real life. Think about film making that is another parallel universe and you are the person who can create that universe, as someone said whatever you can dreamed you can do it. The film making is giving me that opportunity.
In other words, my entire my life is like a movie for me, starting as a kid in my small house with fire place, beautiful cold winter, hot summer, going to school, then to army, moving to capital city Sofia, and finally arriving in America the land of big dreams. I probably should be nominated for Oscar, but this is not my goal. 
Let other people fight to win all these awards, I will catch the train and enjoy the ride of creating films for fun and entertainment and I hope to become a great film director in the near future.

8. Who is your greatest role model?
I really wanted to have a role model but having just one is like you are limiting yourself to one person. I grew up with my grandparents and it was not easy, but it makes me to form my own decision, which other kids with family had a lack to make it, because their parents made the decisions for them. Instead to sorry for myself, I had the freedom to choose when I was 10 years old. I created my own role model, I got the best of different people, rich, poor, criminals, women, men, children, and etc. That helped to have a unique role model prototype that helped to achieve my goals. Also, it is helping me in my journey with film creation, for example you always hear it is very difficult scene cannot be done, then I go and say yes it could be done in few hours and will be better than you expected. That unique role model helped me achieve that.

9. Which movies are your favorites? Why?
There are lots of movies that I watched over the years and here is few of my favorites, for example like “After the Sunset” 2004 with Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson. The movie is not about special effects but more about 4 different characters and I watched many times. 
Obvilion” 2013 is another one where Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper he need to finish his mission, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko as Julia and I am seeing lots of similarity of where today’s world is going. Stargate Atlantis” the series with Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Torri Higginson but most interesting is “John Carter” – 2012 by Walt Disney. I really love the story telling, the acting, the effects, and how they are able to go back and forward in order to support the story.

Another one is “Lucifer” and it is TV series where Lucifer Morningstar is the actual devil and helping the detective Chloe Decker solving crimes. I love the acting, the chemistry between then and how their characters are developed during the series. The idea that the devil is actually a person who helps people and every day is a party, drinking, smoking, and the concept of hell, when you die if you are going in hell. The hell is actually torturing you performing the same task over and over for eternity, like never ending dream. Great drama, and lovely love story and romance between them and the rest of the characters are amazing, too like Detective Daniel "Dan" Espinoza, Mazikeen, Amenadiel, Dr. Linda Martin. 
Also, one of the short experimental film that we did at the Fork Shop a year ago called “Get Well Soon” you can see it here where I played a small character and participated in other roles of film making process, like camera operator

10. Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
The inspiration could come from almost anywhere, a movie that I already watched, a conversation that a have with a person, a morning coffee at the coffee shop, or just from any uncomfortable situation that I have been, but the most inspiration for me are coming from the nature. I love going outdoors, hiking, driving a car in unfamiliar places that I won’t come back, or just rafting in Ocoee Tennessee.

11. Which topics interest you the most?

I am interested with different topics, but my preferred are comedy, documentary, fantasy and science fiction. I wrote a script about big snakes and alligators swimming in the water, big birds are flying in the sky eagles, finally, mermaids are diving in the river, I hope that one day I will have the skills and money to make it happen.  
Also, I am interesting to write about love drama with unexpected ending, to keep audience under the edge. Once they saw the episode to ask questions themself, like what just happened and to want for more and more, which I was unable to achieve in my past projects. In other words, I am interested on topics like comedy with fantasy and love drama that are character-driven.

12. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I do not write or think what are my achievements, I go with the flow and just do it. I achieved many things like casting people, writing the script, funding my film projects, distributing on Vimeo and Amazon Prime, but one of my achievement is that my short
Braaking Newz has been nominate as an official selection, semi-finalist, finalist in following festivals:
Crown Wood International Film Festival, Official Selection, Comedy Film
Kalakari Film Fest, Official Selection, Best Web Series
Kosice International Monthly Film Festival, Official Selection
Indie Short Fest, Official Selection
Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest, Official Selection, Best Short Comedy
Mile High International Film Festival, Semi-Finalist, Best Comedy Short Film
Cyrus International Festival of Toronto, Semi-Finalist, Best Comedy
IndieX Film Fest, Semi-Finalist, Best Comedy Short
Independent Shorts Awards, Finalist, Best Comedy Short and Best Parody Short
My other short film “The Secret Project 53” has been included in the program in festival Golden State Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, and featured on Roky Channel Short Daily starting on March 19-25, 2021.

13. What do you consider most important about filming?
Everything in filming is very important like, story, lighting, camera angle, and etc., but from my prospective the timing of shooting the scenes, the entire film. Because, on the set the time is flying and it is important not just to me as a film maker, but also to all people who are part of my film.
If we can learn to better manage the time, that it is not easy when your imagination is going wild and you want to film the same scene 53 times. We will become greater film makers when we know how mage the time on the set.

14. Which film technique do you consider the best?
I believe that any techniques that you decide to use in you film are the best. For the camera, I love to use long shot, medium, and close up, sometimes extremely close-up. In some cases, using the Rack Shot is very effective, where the camera shifts the focus while holding the same shot to bring another object into focus. Also, setting up the lighting for the scene and sound.

15. How would you rate current filmmaking?

I really do not like to rate my film making it is better someone else to rate it, even when it is very constructive. If I can add the rating from 1 to 10, I can rate myself … Well, I begun creating films for fun and entertainment and it moving to became as profession in the coming years.
In the order as one-man camera and crew, I can rate myself to the greatest rate, from writing the script, casting the actors, finding a place to film, funding the project, filming, editing and finally distributing on Vimeo. I still have a lot to learn as film maker, but lets the audience decide who to rate me or my films.

16. What can make you angry in a movie?
 I am not quite sure what the angry is meaning in the context of the movie, and someone said that this movie “Falling Down” 1993 can make you angry because of the man’s bad day played by Michael Douglas and how he reaches his breaking point. I love that movie and watched at least 15 times and love it, but never makes me angry. However, sometimes the true story movies make me angry. For example, Young Rock where Dwayne Johnson tells his stories when he was young. Well, everybody know you are famous and we do not need to know how you struggle to make it there and I do not believe anything what they show in your movie, but I will watch it anyway.

17. Who supports you in your film career?
I have many people that do not believe in me and lots of haters, in most of my life they said that I can’t and I won’t be. The same thing happened when I began making films got lots of jokes and laughs. However, I proved them wrong, most important that I proved for myself that anything is possible you just need the courage to do it. The person who believed was one of my co-worker David, he always encouraged me and helped me to make my dream as a film maker becoming a reality.

18. What are the reactions of your surroundings to your film?
I am not quite sure what are the reactions, but I can say that I had great positive feedback and for my film Braaking Newz and I love it watched at least 53 times and still laughing anytime when I watched. However, I have some constructive feedback that the audio is not so great, but you do not need to tell me this because I know it. My biggest critics are my wife and my son and their reactions were in constructive way very positive. I know that my movie is not perfect and know very well where are my weakest and I strive to change that with any new project.
Despite of my imperfection my film Braaking Newz has been nominated several times in the film festivals and my other movie The Secret Project 53 won the award First Time Director.

19. Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?
I did not visit any festivals in person, I heard for festivals like Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. I am not quite sure what makes the festival prestigious. I hope that one day I might be able to visit your festival in person in France.

20. What are your next projects?
I have several scripts, but I must choose on which one to be first, I really wanted to make web series like Forever on, where two people are investigating crimes. Already have the people in mind to cast just need to set up the date and film it. Currently, I am working on my rafting videos had lots of footage that will be like different episodes up to 1 hour, will be my first documentary about rafting. I must finish the editing of Braaking Newz episode 2 and 3.
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Cannes Film Awards, again thank so much, best wishes and good luck!