Yiwen Cao

Director of Graduation

The director Yiwen Cao is a young female filmmaker, who wants to give people mental power from her films. She is good at using suspense plots and real scenes to let audience feel what the main role suffers in films. And this is her first time to be a director. Besides, she is very warm hearted and amiable. Though some people may not recognize her gender by judging her appearance at first glance, she is willing to use this feature in movies to show people gender is not a big deal. The essence of human being is the same.


A Chinese young female awards winning filmmaker, is known for Chubby Café (2019), Dao Meng Mei Ying (2018) and Astrall Story(International Cooperation). Became the cover person of magazine Filmmaker Life(August,2022). This is her first time to be a director.

Your project has entered in our festival. What is your project about?  
It’s a story about how an ordinary person killed by short videos.

What are your ambitions with your project?  
I want to heal audience by giving them positive power through my films. Tough life is tough, some people never give up hope. Just be kind and positive, they will embrace bright lives later.

     Tell us something about your shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?  
This short film contains two main one-take scenes. And it has no dialogue at most of time. Thus, workmates should cooperate with each other well during shooting. And I am proud of my workmates.

 For what group of spectators is your film targeted?  
People who are suffering a lot or can’t bear lonely are my target spectators. And I hope that they can be healed after watching the short film.


      Why should distributors buy your film?  
It’s a film that can make audience feel what the main role feels. And encourage people to enhance their real lives. This film has deep meanings but not heavy. It’s a nice try to make both money and taste.

How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?  
The main character of this film: You may not recognize the main role’s gender at the first glance. And we did it on purpose. Because we want audience to only think about common issues that human beings suffer, excluding every external factors, such as gender, colors or races.

 Why did you decided to become a filmmaker?
To heal people. To give audience positive power by offering different ways of thinking. And encourage them to enhance their real lives.

  Who is your role model?  
Real life is the best role model. The model is everyone, such as you, he/she and me. We are human beings. We suffer similar main pain.

   Which movies are your favorites? Why?  
I like films who pay attention to human common issues or indeed care about minority groups. Not some films which claim that they are feminism, ethnic minorities or LGBT, but actually not. Unfortunately, especially in recent years, many filmmakers indulge in their own worlds, and ignore what audience really need.

 Where do you look for inspiration for your films?  
Universe is the best director and real life is the best screenwriter. Just calm down, speak less and observe more, you will find that inspiration is everywhere.

 Which topics interest you the most?
Feminism. I want to encourage people, especially women to get well educated and chase their dreams bravely. There is not only way of life. You don’t need to please people who always tell you what you should do. Well education and integrity will be your best weapons, to help you achieve every beautiful target you want.

  What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?  
Up to now, I didn’t have any big achievement, but I have a dream. I want to heal everyone and make the world better. This sounds like an untouchable task. But there are chances to accomplish it if some people awaken first, then we work together. The world will be much more beautiful because of your support.

  What do you consider most important about filming?  
Theme. A deep theme can make people examine their inner thinking then help correct their behaviors. And a right theme can give people power and expand audience’s horizon. Film is a powerful social media. So, filmmakers should have obligation to introduce audience good themes to help solve people’s problems.

   Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?  
I like one-take shooting and subjective shot. They can help audience experience story better.

  How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?  
The main target has not been succeeded yet, just keep learning and working hard.

 What can disappoint you in a movie?  
If a movie doesn’t really care about minorities, but they use them like a hook to lure audience. The main filmmakers in this movie indeed disappoint me.

  Who supports you in your film career?  
Relatives, friends and some audience. Though most of them do not understand what I really want to do, they give me love and support. I feel really grateful.


Directed by YIWEN CAO

During the epidemic of COVID-19, many people are facing the crisis of unemployment. Due to strict prevention measures, Chinese Internet enterprises suffer heavy losses and decide to fire more than millions of programmers. And these companies use the word "Graduation" instead of "Layoff"...A common programmer broke down under the huge pressure of the crucial fact and the high expectation from mom, who believes short videos say that programmers are all millionaires......