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Choke Hold

Directed by Joel Ayuk

"Mike and Victoria, imprisoned by haunting memories, must fight to save their broken family. Can they conquer their demons and mend their bond in time, or will a tragic twist doom what is most precious to them?

Dante, el prisionero de la torre 

Directed by Rank Reyes

Dante, is a young vampire who lock himself in a tower efter a trauma. Sol, a vampire girl comes to rescue him.

Ballsed Up

Directed by  Teri Murkin

When Spuds meets a mysterious girl in a nightclub, the last thing he expects is a troubling diagnosis...

Who is God? 

Directed by Oscar Adan Lopez Parres

Humanity is a wonderful race. With amazing creativity. With the ability to create great empires and destroy itself. Human beings can create life. In its eternal solitude, humanity engendered its son.

The human as well as God will look for the creation to become the image and likeness of the creator.

The first short film created by artificial intelligence.
????Images generated entirely with artificial intelligence.????

Samba To Death - Screenplay

Written by Dianna Diverno

Jessica Alami successfully trained ballet as a child. She later enrolled in the school of fashiondance, having the unique support of her mother Evelyn. She dreams of one day being a fire-breathing samba.

Meanwhile, Stephen Carls becomes the leader of a motorcycle group called the "Riders of Death." On one occasion at a dance competition in Las Vegas, he accidentally meets the beautiful Jessica. As he breaks up with a girl named Tracy, he decides to seduce this beautiful young girl. He introduces her to Greg, who is opening a club and an Alden hotel. This is where Jessica finds a job as a fire samba dancer. Meanwhile, the "Masked Jokers" a motorcycle group ravaging are returning to the city. They're killing some members of the "Horsemen of Death." One night they decided to kill leader Stephen Carls by themselves.
The four of them – Otto Frog, White Snake, Raymond aka Black Abraham, and Frederick Drenick storm Stephen's house. They beat up and kill Stephen and then rape Jessica and leave her tied to die. They didn't know that she survived. She manages to break free and during the night, no one knows, she hides and burys Stephen's body in the yard. Jessica decides to take revenge on her tormentors.
She quits her job at the Alden Hotel and tells everyone she plans to move to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, she uses her ex-boyfriend's motorcycle and his motorcycle uniform and rides around the city, so everyone thinks he's actually alive. She makes contact with Detective Jason Dickinson, who likes this beautiful dancer very much.
With a very deliberate plan, she begins to kill four of her tormentors one at a time. On the case of the "Masked Jokers" motorist murders, investigator Miller is working, who is very old friend with Detective Dickinson. Realizing that very easily as a killer they can discover her, Jessica successfully plays her game and plays her boyfriend, because only she knew about his movements and his behavior so no one could suspect anything. However, detective Jason, her boyfriend reveals her and she confesses her plans to him.
He decides to help her because he realizes that her game is "on the edge of a knife" and that if she doesn't run away from the country, she will end up either in jail or in the hands of Di Willie's boyfriends in some Las Vegas brothel. She stages the fantastic murder of the last torturer Raymond called Black Abraham, and then heads to Mexico with a lightning-fast and spectacular run-away. She was chased by all police patrols thinking she was a mad killer, Stephen Carls. She defects to Mexico and from there she heads to Australia. She later marries Detective Jason Dickinson.
Lieutenant And Investigator Max Miller investigated everything he could find on Steven Carls years after that. For a long time, the media reported on the crazy biker who was to blame for the deaths of Ottomar Patterson, Howard Saltner and Raymond Jones (it was a great and unbearable loss for the Masked Jokers). A prison cell was waiting for him with three prisons in it.
Yet no matter how much he sought it, Investigator Miller never found anything on him, despite his thorough search and being on the international wanted list.
There was no sign of Stephen Carls.
Despite everything, the investigation was still ongoing.


Directed by Silvano Perozic

.. love fairy tale situated on undefinite time ,an research for an ideal harmony between woman and the man ..

Her, life , the future...

Directed by Zabaldu Naraé

The life of a couple with the disease of endometriosis, she will have to make a choice, but which one?

Do you really know the disease?
do you know who she is and what she does?

Passionate about dance, the disease takes a big place, what is the fight she will lead?

And what would be your choice?

the end is up to you...


The Scary Clown News 100 

Directed by Patrick James Caporuscio

Scary Clown talks about Costumes and people at the door

King of Blades - Screenplay

Written by Paul Hikari

Makoto Yamasaki's father, Yoshihiro, is a champion in the gladiatorial virtual reality sporting event, Children of the Earth—its King of Blades, as the title would have it. Unfortunately, on the night after his latest win, the train he rides home crashes, leaving him paralyzed. Makoto thus aims to compete in the competition herself, determined to prove that she’s worth more than just being Yoshihiro’s daughter. After many years of training, she successfully enters, but standing in her way of the championship is the current King of Blades, Joshua Strada, who had once fought Yoshihiro and lost. Furthermore, over the years, she has become increasingly cold and distant, even to friends and family, to the point where she may even risk her own life to get by on her own. In order to win the competition, she must accept their support and find a way to overcome her opponents—and herself.

Love And Horror

Directed by Greg L. Hines

Heart Break is the greatest horror… Barren, Kandy, Naran, Mr.Amarillo and Azure take you on a mind bending journey through emotion and the resulting horror…,Even Love Can Be A Weapon…


Directed by Ekaterina Chatski

A couple is enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica, the country where they live. While driving to Arenal Volcano and listening to the radio, they hear news about the start of Russia's war against Ukraine. The protagonist, who is of Russian origin, can't bear the daily news of the armed conflict and voluntarily secludes herself at home, silencing all her activities due to shame for the events. She "carries the cross" for her country.

Lost in a maze of pain and dishonor of Russian culture, she can't find a way out. Her partner, who is also her husband, encourages and saves her by throwing her an "Ariadne's thread," helping her find a way out of the internal chaos.

Everything you say about me - OTI VAKERESA MANGE (Romani)

Directed by Evangelia Goula

A wooden chest opens, revealing well-hidden secrets.

A profound love story, a crime for a woman's honor, and the wandering of a great family through space and time in search of a new homeland.
A long-term observation spanning four generations unfolds the stunning tale of the patriarch of this family, Paraskevas, who at a very young age managed to break free from the "walls" of Gypsy nomadic life, educate himself, and integrate into urban society and its lifestyle. However, his world crumbled in an instant when fate armed itself against him.



Written by MacKenzie Galloway

Legend of Korra meets The Little Mermaid.

A royal mermaid named Eucalyptus has always lived in the shadows of her sister Poppy, that is until she is found dead in the ocean, after going on a mission on land to stop pollution in the ocean that is destroying her beloved Kingdom of Zinnia. Eucalyptus always looked up to her sister, but her parents and kingdom see her as too weak to live up to anything of the sort. Furious with her sister's death and Zinnia’s doubt in her, Eucalyptus decides to free herself and go to land to complete Poppy’s mission.
The population of Miami doubles from 1920 to 1923. Lemon City, Coconut Grove, and Allapattah, underwater communities doubled as cities are all facing annexation to become the “great” Miami.
Eucalyptus goes to live on earth, disguised as a walking human, and actually falls in love with the lifestyle of 1920s Miami. She finds community, a family, a literal human(ish) family that she never even knew about. She continues to uncover not only secrets of the land, but of her own people and family.
People around Eucalyptus are fascinated with her singing voice, and after the arsenal destruction of her land family’s cultural staple of a club, Eucalyptus sings around the city to bring in funds to help them rebuild it.
She realizes that while everyday people are the cause of some of the destruction to the sea, the growing corporations and higher powers are actually causing copious amounts of waste and destruction to the seas. Eucalyptus goes after the corporate thieves, a dangerous endeavor that leads her and her newfound family down a trail of various escapades.
In the end, Eucalyptus has to choose between her duty to her people and her duty to protect the planet. She figures out a way to finesse the system and make both happen, but her sea “family”, furious about her behavior on earth, causing a catastrophic hurricane regardless, becoming one of the worst in U.S. history.

Transformation - Screenplay

Written by  Sandra Jane Moonias

During World War 2, a young woman joins the Air Force looking for adventure. An obsessed Service Police Sergeant with connections to the top brass pursues her relentlessly. She overcomes this adversity to find love and become the woman she was meant to be.

PENTACLUB (The Club of Five)

Directed by Roberto Strazzarino

The year is 1968. Five teenage boys dream of running a movie theater in which they will not show pro-war films.

One summer afternoon Giò, Delfo, Max, Ricky and Paolo learn to become trusted friends, indispensable to one another.
A coming-of-age, adventure film about friendship, one with small but large rebellious acts that signal the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood.

A group of friends, who met in the 1960s, was essential to the film’s production. Therefore, Pentaclub is a film about friendship, both on the screen and behind the scenes.



Directed by Antonio Bellido Marín

TRIP TO TAX PARADISE is an experimental silent film feature film, on which a musical with neorealist and humorous touches has been mounted. Based on real events, Antonio Bellido has tried to grotesquely portray the socioeconomic crisis in Spain from 1908 to 1914, where the corruption and greed of its leaders have mortgaged future generations regardless of the consequences.

Dancing Tree

Directed by June Jing Wang


Magic Realism / Romance Comedy / Musical

A daring spiritualist from Women’s Kingdom of Yunnan challenges the male-dominated world of Argentine Tango, awakening her dormant leadership, sparking a transformative odyssey.

Dancing Tree, directed by June Wang, is an experimental short film that masterfully serves as a prelude and teaser for the anticipated feature-length narrative, The Tree Knows. Crafted to captivate producers, investors, and audiences alike, Dancing Tree encapsulates the complex emotional and cultural themes of its full-length counterpart, despite operating on a limited budget. Through abstract symbolism and the art of Argentine tango, the short film offers an intimate glimpse into a world marked by intellectual rigour, cultural collision, and the redemptive power of love.

The story of The Tree Knows unfolds as a compelling tapestry woven from the intellectual and emotional lives of its protagonists—April Lin and Dean Lewis Jansky. April, rooted in Yunnan's matriarchal wisdom, finds herself exiled from academia due to her audacious "Tree Theory." Lewis, a defender of scholarly convention, is haunted by his family's enigmatic past tied to the Argentine tango. The two are drawn together, first by debate, and then by dance, as they explore their complex relationship in Buenos Aires under the fading spotlight of Gaia, Lewis's once-legendary tango queen mother.

While in Buenos Aires, they're summoned by Gaia's mysterious ex-spouse, Bruno, for a transformative tango finale that disrupts traditional norms and exposes hidden family legacies. The film climaxes in a spiritual and physical transformation, facilitated by a unique interplay of vaccines. April becomes one with an ancient tree, while Lewis transmutes into a white dove, fulfilling a love vow.

Dancing Tree captures this essence brilliantly, emphasizing the couple's dance as a metaphorical conversation that transcends language and cultural barriers. Through its intimate portrayal of the duo's tangled relationship, the film aims to build social recognition and secure funding for the expansive narrative of The Tree Knows. Both works explore how love can act as a universal connector, transcending academic, cultural, and even mystical divides.

Through the lens of both films, viewers are invited to participate in a cosmic dance that exists at the delicate intersection between reality and the mystical unknown. Dancing Tree, therefore, not only acts as a magnet for future investment in The Tree Knows but also as a stand-alone artistic endeavour advocating for multiculturalism, unity, and the transformative power of love. It's a compelling sample that leaves audiences yearning for the full feast of intellectual and emotional exploration promised by The Tree Knows.



Directed by Anup Thapa

IM/PURE is a classic horror tale, a multi-cultural fusion of Greek mythology, biblical parable, and Nepali fables.

GYAN has been missing for four days… When he appears back home suddenly his wife CHANDNI is extremely worried. Her husband has been terrified by something supernatural and malicious. Deep within her pure soul, she senses that the thing that has scared him so badly is female. Disturbing flashes of memory come to GYAN, leaving many unanswered questions. What happened to him in those days he now cannot fully remember? Who is the small shadowy male figure with the strange face? Why does he keep seeing flashes of golden implements… axes and a sickle? How is the large woman with the strange hair involved? And where is SIDHARTHA, the itinerant recluse who has been missing now for several days? Didn’t GYAN just see him? Wasn’t it only yesterday?Golden axes… Could it all have something to do with what happened between GYAN and his younger brother, BIR? The thing that forever put a stain on his soul.Can GYAN put together all the parts of the puzzle? With the help of his friend JYOTI, he begins the search for answers. Somewhere in the bush, near a river, there is a cave. He knows that someone… no… “something” lives deep within that hollow space. He knows that it is hungry, and he feels its thirst?


Directed by Hiroshi Toda

Akira and Haruko Nishida, an elderly couple, visit an abandoned mountain village for the first time in 50 years to visit a grave.
However, on the way, the car breaks down and he has to visit the grave on foot and gets lost in the mountains.
Tired from walking, they wander further into the mountains and seek help from a temple they find there.
And the two get involved in the eerie "events" held at the temple…

Love Without Words

Directed by  Octavian Iacob

A film about deaf people.

Production made by the International Organization for
Democracy and Human Rights - Norway in partnership with the National Association of the Deaf from Romania by Norwegian grants.

"Love without words" is a love story of a girl born without hearing abilities, Alexia, and a charming man, Mihai. She is a painter, a gentle nature, used to the stigma of
Society, due to her condition. He's a lawyer, an intelligent guy, slightly superficial and in love with life. She attracts his attention with her beauty, in a moment of an accident. Mihai does not understand why she refuses any communication, until he realizes that she is deaf. Can a love without words exist?


Directed by  Józef Romasz

Anna has been dancing on ice for over fifty years. She is fascinated not only with ice skating itself but also with dancing with a partner. In the last years it was Jan with whom Anna was ice skating. The pair of amateur skaters many times won the World Championships in Oberstdorf in their category. Will the plans to win the following competition be accomplished? Anna and Jan, as well as Dorota and Monika, two solo ice skaters from the same team, break the cultural stereotypes stigmatizing people because of their mature age. This film is about their passion for dance, about experiencing oneself and the world through the body, about fighting not only to achieve success in sport. The ice-skating arena at Warsaw’s Torwar being the venue of their trainings becomes a stage on which interpenetrate various emotions, where relationships are built and end. The fate of the characters, as well as their desire of beauty and accomplishment make a full of hope ode to life.

My Fishy Friends

Directed by Algis Kemezys

For 25 years I have been studying and feeding the wild fish in the lakes of Quebec. Now these last ten years I stayed in one town and became really good friends with numerous Small Mouthed Bass, Sunfish and the Catfish. They come to me when I call them and allow me to hold them and they swim with me.

This is a documentary about this experience besides including the arrival of the formidable predator the catfish who found their way into the lake where they have decimated the sunfish population of the lake.
This movie also contains other perspectives regarding various water theories and other Historical FishGods on this planet. It also contains some secrets about water and other interrelated informations. This documentary about my friendship with wild lake fish also includes 5000 years of ancient history pertaining to fish related subjects explained by me and by a number of other friends. :-)
A Documentary like this can change your perspective of our world.

Pandemic Trilogy

Directed by Yan Cui

A caring successful cuddler, a bored upper-class wife, and a paranoid boy, whose lives were intertwined and upended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learning with Remy Raystar - ABC - Pilot

Directed by Chase Stewart

Come along and learn with Captain Remy Raystar and friends, as they teach kids across the universe about Earth! On this transmission, Captain Remy Raystar teaches kids about the English Alphabet!

"Learning with Remy Raystar" is a captivating and meticulously crafted TV show designed to captivate young minds and take them on a thrilling educational journey. The show revolves around an entertaining alien captain named Remy Raystar, who, alongside his friends AID, the Artificial Intelligence Device, and Clay, the Robot, embarks on a mission to teach kids from across the universe about Earth and its wonders. The pilot episode offers a delightful exploration of the English alphabet through song, games, and jokes, engaging young viewers in an immersive learning experience.


Directed by Christophe Lenoir

With the help of her alters, an ex-spy with dissociative identity disorder hatches a plan to get revenge on the one-eyed, the man who tried to kill her.

Morgane has many characters who live inside her, and with their help she develops a plan to track down her target: a one-eyed double agent. As each day their identity is alternated, the alters use a Dictaphone to record their days and share the information of their daily investigations. But along the way they are betrayed by one of their own, Louise, who joins forces with two thugs to be freed from this life under control, who agree to help her in exchange for a fortune. The two men manipulate the identities, pretending to be the man they are looking for -the one-eyed. But soon the trap closes on them, and they become the victims of the obsession of this woman with many faces.


Directed by Sdiri Mohamed

Tells the story of a young man who does everything to realize his dream in Paris of becoming an actor but the reality of the environment will end up getting the better of him between family problems, the problem of money is the difficulty of leaving from 0 Amine goes can a can sink psychologically

Finding the Line - An Exploration of Structural Integration 

Directed by Aleš Urbanczik, Grzegorz Oleksa

Boulder Colorado and Esalen Institute USA 1960's & 1970’s:

Resulting from her studies Dr. Ida Rolf developed a program of postural re-patterning using fascial manipulation and movement education which she called Structural Integration and which is nowadays known in the public at large as ‘rolfing’.
Milano, Prague, Warszaw 2018 - 2022
This movie tells the story of an adventure - an adventure that will take the viewer into Ida Rolf's world of Structural Integration. At the heart of the movie are 8 students and their quest to understand Ida Rolf's philosophy during their 3 year Basic Trainings in Milano, Prague and Warsaw.
The movie also explains the basic ideas behind Structural Integration and discusses the most recent research into fascia.

Mind and Nature (Mente e Natura)

Directed by Mariella Bussolati

The Indro Montanelli Park is a green box inside a concrete cancer, the city of Milan, the worst polluted in Europe. In the park lives Giovanni, an homeless. His way of life is the opposite of the city of fashion and business: he lives in peace and in nature. Emanuela is the lady who takes care of the wildlife. Then there are the emotions, the dreams, the needs of the people going into the park to have relief from the claustrophobic city. Through their stories and the life of Giovanni we understand that we live in a world that, due to climate change, is losing breath. And that nature is important also for the well being of our souls.

Itzia, Tango & Cacao

Directed by Flora Martinez

Itzia is a deaf woman who assures to have started listening to a mysterious music that always comes from the same cardinal point: south. The villagers fear Itzia is starting to lose her mind and they encourage her to visit a doctor. But instead, Itzia decides to follow those melodies that only she can hear. This music could return her to a place she has long forgotten.

JACK'D - Screenplay

Written by Mike Ede

Jack wakes up in a dystopian future full of sex, drugs and violence. One slight issue...he has no idea who he is, how he got there, or why he owes money to some very bad people!


Directed by Sean Swaby

Two brothers will stop at nothing to guarantee their father's freedom, including robbing a bank in order to clear his debt.


Directed by Davide Canali

A short short film about man, born from the interaction 
between the external world, in which he moves and relates, and the inner world made of pains, desires and resilience.


Directed by Kathryn Mincer

Amanda is a live-in carer for her great-grandmother, Zofia.
Zofia has just turned 100 year old, is very reserved, and has never spoken about her past in WW2 Warsaw, Poland.

When Zofia realises that she’s dying, she gives Amanda her most prized possession; her ring. When Amanda holds that ring, she suddenly gets a flashback of Zofia's life in war times.
When Amanda comes out of her flashback, Zofia has passed away.

Amanda is called to go to Poland to spread Zofia's ashes at her old childhood home. Throughout the story, Amanda learns, through various flashbacks and visions, about how life was for Zofia in WW2 Poland, the part she played in the Warsaw Uprising, and discovering why Zofia never spoke about it again.

A Hostage Situation 

Directed by Kathryn Mincer

The plan is that they get in, get their money, and get out. Simple, right?!

But this doesn't go to plan as the group are all clueless about how a bank robbery should go, the bank they chose stores barely any money, and they are wearing the most ridiculous disguises.

The Reminiscence

Directed by Subhadeep Ghosh

After ten days, Animesh walked and stood on the roof. Whatever, according to the doctor, be the cause of his back injury, he is sure that it is hidden in the distant past. Thereafter everything was going well, but ten days ago suddenly 


Directed by Melody Brooke

When a 15 year old girl discovers she is pregnant in a state where abortion is illegal, hard decisions have to be made

JOKER'S WILD, Last Days of Brattix

Directed by  Louis T Cooley

An American soldier's left behind by the ravages of WWIII on the streets of Tensile Town, only to realize the fight for his life isn't over because the Joker's Wild.


Directed by Mohamed Abdallah FAHMI

Mute and from a family of mutes, a child suffering from nictophobia turns on the TV and stumbles upon a violent divorce scene. Consequently, his mental state deteriorates as he finds evidence that leads to his father abandoning the family. The kid informs his seven months pregnant mother who is seen sharpening a knife before shutting the electricity down, then waitng in the dark for the father’s return.

St. Vierja Academy

Directed by Jose Antonio Stoute

Upon the death of a high school friend, a doctor returns to his native Panama to pay his respects. While there, he relives his days in the renowned St. Vierja Academy, one of Panama's most exclusive catholic schools for boys in the 1970s, where he had to face obstacles that led him to question his self-worth.

Appointment with The Plague Doctor, Lester Haywood

Directed by  L.S. Strange

The Victims of Sundarbans

Directed by Dilip Ghosh

Sundarbans the largest mangrove forest in the world where there are tiger victim families which include the widowed women along with their children, their atrocities, their livelihood, their survival in the midst of the forest, their encounter with the Royal Bengal Tiger has been vividly portrayed in this documentary of 30 minutes.

"A Piece of Work is Man" 

Directed by Kain Baigent and  Stig Wemyss

"A Piece of Work is Man"

A soldiers last call of duty.
ARMAND plays a dangerous game with his past, CAMILLE, and GENERAL BLAIZE in Paris, and his nemesis PERRY, to grab a secure future for humanity.
Armand is an old soldier retired in Australia, his old lover Camille has been sent on an urgent mission to deal with him on orders from General Blaize. Camille while in Melbourne Australia has procured the services of Perry, after a failed attempt of raining in the rogue Armand by Perry 6 years ago. Perry, an old soldier who served with Armand in 1994, has his own demons to grapple with.
Armand exposes the bad choices from mens egos, war, and, his own shocking past with some serious psychological and PTSD issues.
More importantly he is a very dangerous anti hero who is attempting to make all of us aware to reshape our thinking as a species, or; be prepared to be wiped out as a species, but more than that. LOVE & ART, that is what makes us human, that is LIFE.

To make Governments accountable, and to give the people a voice.

For us to truly realise some sacrifices have to be made for LOVE & ART.

The true course of the Anti-Hero is; sacrifice himself for humanity...


DIrected by  Zafir Ahmed

Dealing with phobia and how it can damage your life without any real influence

Park Sapiens

Directed by Kieran Kolle and Knut Andreas Knutsen

Monitored neighbors are involuntarily exposed to what they say about each other, so their social life gets weird and is challenged.


Directed by Alexandre SPIESER

Sarah is on a beach to be photographed by Mathieu, her friend/amateur photographer/bag carrier. Mathieu can't take it anymore. Sarah wants to take more photos. Mathieu refuses and breaks down.

Standards: The South Asian Dream

Mahnoor Shakila Yousaf

The music video for ‘Come Thru’ by Abdullah Siddiqui and Maanu, follows a girl who is struggling mentally and emotionally as she deals with the struggles of following a career path that wasn't her passion. This is a sentiment that many south Asian students can relate to or can empathize with. We see her do a form of metamorphosis, as she takes the first step toward following her dream. The film while was the project; the crew was the reason they are part of Standards, the South Asian Dream. We held a Pakistani film crew, by working with local art schools in the area, and collaborated with them to create this project. They echo the story of the girl in the video, they fought to pursue their dreams, and now they are. This music video is an homage to them and the struggles they underwent, but also to the people who couldn't and didn't have the opportunity to- all because of the standards our culture and society held us to.

TRACE Tracing Rare African Canadian Extraordinaire

Directed by Sonia Oduwa Aimiumu

TRACE is a documentary and celebratory project aiming to recognize the work and efforts of seven Black Canadians in diverse sectors including business, entrepreneur, academic, arts and culture, history and philanthropy, as well as front-line workers and more, who have impacted the community with their great accomplishments.

The documentary was executive produced by African Women Acting (AWA) & Saimy’s Art, and produced and directed by Sonia Aimy, and co-produced by Kennedy Seed Obioha

$enior Care

Written by Renata Elis Martins

$enior Care is a multi-generational dramedy TV series about the Golden Care assisted living – a hotbed of greed – and its caregivers with questionable ethics, who exploit seniors through profit, kickbacks, and overcharging for services.

The Pilot Episode: Desperate to save her assisted living and beloved elderly residents from her ruthless franchisor, a young woman commits a wicked embezzlement and is now stuck in a game of hide-the-fraud-and-don't-get-caught, to keep her secret safe and protect all she’s fought for.

Daydreaming Mom

Written by Renata Elis Martins

Daydreaming Mom is a female-driven half-hour comedy about a travel consultant who daydreams to escape her reality when juggling work with being an expat mother of a multicultural family in Prague becomes overwhelming. 

PILOT episode: Hoping to gain entry into an exclusive mom clique and find some friends for her restless kids, an expat lures a few local moms over to a fabricated charity event at her house. But as her guests arrive, she’s forced last minute to take her biggest client on a tour of Prague while muddling through her guests, family and client.

Love Lies and Lasgidi

Directed by Michael Olowojaiye

“Love, Lies and Lasgidi” takes us on a journey through the complicated relationships of four women - Chioma, Tola, Kemi, and Sabina, all living in the bustling city of Lagos. We see their struggles with love, heartbreak, and the challenges of modern-day romance in a city that can be as unforgiving as it is beautiful.

With a talented ensemble cast including Bolanle Ninalowo, Anthony Monjaro, Sophie Alakija, and Sandra Okozuwa, the movie is brought to life with scenes of intense drama, romance, and heartbreak. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, and the plot is filled with twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

"Love Lies and Lasgidi" promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that will leave audiences with a renewed appreciation for the complexities of modern relationships. It's a must-see for anyone who loves powerful performances, riveting storytelling, and a glimpse into the vibrant city of Lagos.

The Decodrama Documentary (Battle of Bridges)

Directed by hamad yousef maarouf

The decodrama documentary film (The Battle of the Bridges), the Battle of the Bridges is a battle that took place on August 2, 1990 during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait between the Iraqi forces and sectors of the Kuwaiti army near the city of Jahra, and the Iraqi forces had embarked on crossing the Kuwaiti border on several axes, the most important of which was International Highway No. 80 towards the Kuwaiti capital, so the General Staff Command of the Kuwaiti Army commissioned the 35th Armored Brigade to cut off the road to the attacking Iraqi forces, which consisted of the Hammurabi Armored Division (Republican Guard). The available clashed with the Iraqi army convoys. During the clash, the Iraqi forces were reinforced with forces from the Medina Armored Division (Republican Guard) and attacked the rear front of the Kuwaiti 35th Brigade. Because of the lack of ammunition and the increasing numbers of Iraqi forces and their encirclement of the brigade's positions, and the approaching nightfall, the brigade withdrew to Saudi territory.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, August 2, orders were issued to the brigade command to surround a military force that managed to enter the city of Jahra and stationed in Al-Miqdad School. Subsequently, the command of the 35th Brigade, accompanied by a platoon of TOW anti-tank missiles, moved at 4:30 to surround the Iraqi force in Al-Miqdad School, provided that the rest of the brigade's units would join them as soon as they were equipped.

During the brigade's heading to the city of Jahra, the previous mission was canceled, and the brigade was assigned the task of cutting off the Al-Mutla'a road for the advancing Iraqi forces on the Abdali-Al-Mutla'a line. .

The Master of Sento 

Directed by Yusuke Ishide

Shitamachi (traditional commercial district) Tokyo. Asakusa, Taito-ku. At an old public bath, there is an old fashioned, stubborn master who doesn't speak much and his beautiful wife. The couple runs the business well, but the wife leaves home due to the husband's bad drinking habit. Instead of learning from his wife's leaving, his drinking habit gets worse. Losing patience, his nosy neighbors visit him and persuade him into getting back together with his wife... Set in the public bath "Arimayu", which was built in 1930 and is still open, the story depicts the relationship of a married couple and humanity.

No Porn Avocado(360)

Directed by Gabriel Fornes

Carlos and Sandra are two adult film actors who survive in the difficult city of Los Angeles. They left their home country long ago in hopes of conquering Hollywood and now they feel like little pieces in a ruthless industry.
Will they be able to continue loving and respecting each other as a couple in this situation?

The Unspoilt Forest of PARDOMINO

Directed by  Carlos Rodriguez

In a small corner of Spain, one of the best preserved forests in Europe remains forgotten by the world.

For many, it is the epitome of nature in the European Mountains.

The perfect setting for a pioneering study; three years of filming with camera traps has revealed the intimate lives of the forest’s inhabitants.

Providing essential data on the bear population and the population dynamics of the wolf. For the first time on screen, an incredible journey with emblematic species of Spanish fauna, showing us the beauty of their lives when no one is

The Unspoilt Forest of Pardomino, a BICHO production.

I Know A Stranger (I-K-a-S)

Directed by Carlos Leos

The series tells the story of a woman named Laura who may or may not have been dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder. She struggles to manage her various identities, which often cause her to behave in unpredictable ways.

Separated from her husband, Carlos Trinidad, Laura is a single mother with two children, a son named Sebastian and a daughter named Mya. When Mya goes missing, Laura's different personalities possibly begin to emerge more frequently and intensely, than when she was a child, making it difficult for her to remember key details about her daughter's disappearance.

As the investigation into Mya's disappearance deepens, Sebastian becomes a prime suspect, which only adds to Laura's confusion and inner turmoil. With the help of her therapist, Dr. Bellamy, Laura must work through her different identities to uncover the truth about her daughter's disappearance and clear her son's name.

As the story unfolds, we see the devastating effects of dissociative identity disorder on Laura and her family, as well as the challenges and complexities of unraveling a kidnapping case when the main suspect may not even be aware of their own actions. The movie explores themes of mental illness, family dynamics, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children.


Directed by Ernestine Azeh and Posser Erasto

Two little school girls, Stephanie and Aurelie decide to save part of their pocket money in their piggy banks, in order to help their parents in the holidays. This eventually leads to enterprise and business as the two girls end up raising money and start a micro business. Great turn of events; they do not only help their parents but discover that they build a better entrepreneur future for themselves.


Directed by Tamitan Bertrand

Mbah is a 13 years old orphan, whose parents died in an accident. He relocates to Yaoundé city, to live with his uncle who becomes pedophilic, leaving Mbah in severe physical and psychological distress. Due to pain inflicted on him for and during sexual abuse, Mbah ends up doing the worst. Mbah’s agony in RACK is paralleled by the ‘love’ encounter of Angel, a beautiful young girl who is a victim of similar exploitation and canal desires.


Directed by Ernestine Azeh

Sirri, with beautiful dreams, like many a little girl, from a less privileged home, leaves her immediate family, to live with her aunt in the city in a bid to get education. Instead of achieving her goal, she faces a life threatening challenge.


Directed by Philippe Létang

We are in 2029. Covid 19 has mutated. Félix, the main character, is a geek in his thirties, a bit lost, who is trying to get vaccines for himself and his little family. He will be drawn into a vengeful headlong rush against the hegemony of clandestine laboratories...

The Mars Effect

Directed by Apostolos TolyAK Peter Kouroumalis

A radiation mutation has occurred, the humans left have populated the Galaxy and are immortal and impervious to harm- searching for a way to die in rock-n-roll fashion when confronted with their mortality seek to live it up. drawn in a child like fashion with an original score, "The Mars Effect" is an upbeat, downtrodden dark comedy with a moral.

Quarantine in the Grand Hotel

Written by Tom Vecchio

Nič nezmení miestnosť tak, ako nový náter, ale môže vám to pripadať ako náročná úloha. Sme tu, aby sme vyriešili váš problém - žiadna úloha nie je príliš veľká alebo príliš malá! Ak sa chcete dozvedieť viac a dohodnúť si kalkuláciu, kontaktujte nás ešte dnes.

The Monster in Mummy

Directed by Steve Sloane, Donia Youssef

Success means everything to Donia; to be fair, she’s one of life’s winners. A doting mother to two young girls, happily married and, through graft and guile, she’s the owner of a thriving Agency.

Then she gets the call, the news no one ever wants. She’s terminal.

Donia goes into a tailspin; what about the business she’s worked so hard to build up? What about her husband? How will he cope?

And her children… her young, innocent children.

Monster in Mummy follows Donia’s courageous story as she deals with her world crumbling around her whilst she remains steadfast in being the ‘strong woman.’

As those around her she thought she could rely on start to drift away, she meets Chrissy, a young woman cursed with a similar fate. Their bond and wildly different coping strategies enable Donia to make sense of the car crash her life has spiralled into.

With the bonds of love and friendship urging her along, she confronts her biggest fear… how does she tell her children she’s not going to be there for them? She won’t see them graduate, get married, or have their own children.

And then the worst thing possible happens…

But, from despair comes hope, and sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always on your final journey.


Directed by Sylvie Zaidman, Nic Shake

In a hyper-technological society, a couple lives their own utopia. But what happens when a glitch compromises all this idyllic interface?

Flamenco: Passion in Danger

Directed by Larry Marvar

The world of Flamenco is endangered. In this fully bilingual film, representative artists discuss the art and the issues that are eroding its survival. Complete with candor and current as well as archival performances, this film brings the seasoned aficionado as well as the uninitiated viewer into the world of Flamenco seldom seen.


Directed by Liam Neo Whitcher

Michael (21) a head strong; yet slightly misguided youth returns home to the streets of Pinetown after failing out of university to accomplish his biggest dream to race Boxcars.

Upon returning home he is thrust into dealing with all his family issues with an overbearing mother who doesn’t believe in his dreams; a less then confident sister, Janet, who can’t accomplish her own dreams of deciding to be a boxer or get into med school and a delusional Uncle who still believes he is in the Broer War. While dealing with all of his family trauma’s he must deal with his own trauma of his high school bully Dean who is the leader of the orphans (The local gang) who will stop at nothing to torment Michael and stop him from building and racing his boxcar.

This hilarious coming of age story of a man building and racing a boxcar will take him and his dysfunctional family through many ludicrous situations; such as getting a license; making a new ally; building a box car and having the courage to race it down a hill. All well trying to avoid Dean and the Orphans; will take them a journey of self-discovery of finding out what truly motivates them and makes them happy. Through this Journey Michael is put directly on course to face his deepest failures and inadequacies as he faces off against his arch-nemesis Dean in a battle of wits and bravery in order to find happiness which for him is to be taken seriously for the 1st time in his life be known as a serious man.

Butterfly Cinema

Directed by Ekramy Maher Bekhit

Sometimes Butterfly…. Burn
The purpose of this film is to show the human side of the artist and suffering… not lights, not fame, not red carpets.

Dark Realities (Script Movie)

An optimistic Goth librarian accidentally releases the angry, pessimistic Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe who demands she help him avenge his unjust murder by a jealous rival.

Lily's - Sacred Journey

Directed by  Jr Michael- Born

Lily is the granddaughter of a Holy Man who lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. Since her childhood, she has been taught the old ways of the Sioux traditions by her grandfather, including the spirit of the Sacred White Wolf who is his constant companion when he climbs the mountain. He is gone sometimes for days to converse with the spirits of his people who were lost to violent wars and their way of life.

Poverty is very prevalent on the reservation, and as a young child, her grandfather wanted her to understand that their people did not always live like this. Also during this time, the story centers around the disappearance of Native American women, an epidemic that has plagued the reservations for countless years.

When she is older, her grandfather takes her to a ceremony on the mountain. It is here that her dreams and visions of the white wolf start to appear. However, her mother wants her to go to college and move off the reservation to have a better life for herself.

When Lily reaches 21, she embarks on a journey to college where she befriends an African-American girl who also happens to be her roommate. She meets two other girls from different backgrounds as well, and the four of them become close as sisters. While in school, her dreams of the “white wolf” become more prevalent. However, she likes living off the reservation and has dreams of becoming a doctor. Her frustrations begin as she is torn from what she was told as a child, and does not want to live on the reservation again after college. It is only after a tragic incident occurs, that she is reunited with Dr. Steve and her fight to decide who she really is and what her destiny is coming into focus.

Full Throttle

Directed by Gabriel Boyer

A young man gets into a gleaming Porsche and rushes at breakneck speed through the streets of Toulouse.

The Dead Ringer

Written by Suzanne Lutas 

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the mistress of a London-based Chinese Triad boss, an illegal immigrant is trained by MI5 to infiltrate the gang and bring them down.

Boombox (The God of The Dance)
- Cartoon Version

Directed by  Christian Candido

An engineering student (Pepi) works as waitress in a pub in Turin. After her shift, on the way home, she meet a boombox radio, who is appears out of nowhere and talk to her ...

Pepi finds out the radio embody a spiteful and irreverent “God of The Dance”... This short is a cartoon version of Boombox (The God of The Dance)

How To Kill Your Mortgage Broker

Written by John R Sackman

Two friends lose their homes to an evil mortgage broker. Now they're going to kill him.

Y si Adelita...

Directed by  Luz Jaimes

During the start of the Mexican Revolution, Adela, a humble kid is the witness of the rape and abduction against his mother made by the rebels, this event forces Adela to hide and escape. And puts her on a lonely journey after learning that the revolution of a woman begins from within.

Character ME, Charlie and White Bear

Directed by Davit Chaganava

with the beginning of war in Ukraine, Character ME, gets paranoid, and and with his friend White Bear, flies to the republic of Georgia to figure out wether WW3 had already begun. In Georgia they meet Charlie, post soviet Toy, who looks bit like Adolf Hitler….

37 Min film is about love, hatred, believe, faschistoid empires and split identity.

The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound

Directed by Elly Yae Li Cho

This film is a silent piece. In this film, the memories Cho has of growing up during childhood become fragments of imagery that compose the development of the story. Cho grew up traveling back and forth between the urban space of Seoul and the natural environment of Jeju Island. Her memories and feelings behind these experiences are depicted by traversing over the temporal boundaries of the present and past, as well as the line between reality and illusion.

Cho’s younger brother was hospitalized because of pneumonia and died suddenly and unexpectedly because of a medical accident on the day of the Eclipse in 1999. She was in London at the time. Cho tells the story of her childhood in the format of video art with fragments of her memories turned into the scenes that compose the movie. The memory of the incident where her dog was kidnapped by a dog meat dealer, was a traumatic experience for her and it is mixed up with the death of her brother in her memory, who was the same age as the dog.

In this video, sounds and music become pivotal points around the various conflicts the girl experiences. Audiences participate in and sympathize with the major and minor conflicts the girl experiences through the medium of various types of music and sounds found in nature. This film has been shot in Seoul, London and Jeju Island, Korea.

Bad Ass Women Doing Kick Ass Shit

Directed by Abie Ekenezar

Following the lives of 8 women of color as they battle the patriachy, racism and fear for their community and ftuture in their race for County Procescuter, the House and Senate seats.

Hand Twins a feature screenplay

Directed by Macee Binns

"LOGLINE: Years after an Irish exit and deep in the throes of an early mid-life crisis, a celebrity gossip writer returns to her suffocatingly small hometown in Arkansas to hunt for her late father's missing ashes; during her search, Chloe crosses paths with her damaged ex-boyfriend who forces her to face the complicated past that she fought so hard to escape."

SYNOPSIS: CHLOE DAVENPORT is a 33-year-old impulsive, yet talented, journalist living in Los Angeles. Newly engaged and in the midst of a full-blown career crisis, Chloe's life is suddenly turned upside down when she receives an unexpected voicemail from her AUNT CAROL asking Chloe to mail some of her late father's ashes to their redneck family reunion. The only problem is that Chloe doesn't have them and she doesn't have a clue where they might be.  

On her quest to track down the lost urn, Chloe is forced to return to her insufferable hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after arriving back home, she runs into her first love, JAY MORGAN, a deadbeat, chronically depressed bartender who is secretly struggling with mental health issues after enduring a bad breakup and inadvertently killing his dogs. Once they cut through the initial awkward tension, the pair goes off on an adventure to locate the remains of Chloe's Father.  

With Jay by her side, just like that, Chloe gets sucked back into the past that she fought so hard to escape and she must face the devastating reality of the life she left behind. Throughout their impromptu road trip the exes reminisce, reconnect and hook up one last time before the secrets they're hiding potentially tear them apart for good. Ultimately forcing Chloe to make a choice between the familiarity of her adolescence and the promise of her future. 

Hand Twins is a unique take on the "city girl returns to her roots" theme and is similar in style and tone to the films Sunshine Cleaning and The Skeleton Twins. The script possesses a somber, yet comically endearing, thematic tone while dealing with the delicate concepts of loss, middle-life crisis, substance abuse, abortion and the inability to overcome one's complicated past. This feature length romantic dramedy would work well for small to mid-size production companies with a low to moderate budget due to the limited cast size, small town filming locations and lack of stunts or special effects. 

Hand Twins recently WON awards for Best Screenplay at the 2022 California Women's Film Festival, the 2022 First Women's Film Festival and the 2022 Venus Community Awards out of hundreds of entries submitted from around the world. The unproduced feature-length script placed as a Semi-Finalist at the 2021 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, the 2021 Scriptation Showcase Screenplay Competition and the 2022 Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards. It received Quarter Finalist Titles at the 2022 Richmond International Film Festival and the 2022 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition. In August of 2022, the script was named a Preliminary Finalist at the 2022 Creative World Awards and it was one of the select few scripts to be passed on to the Semi-Finals at the 2022 ScreenCraft Film Fund Feature Competition with Mark Duplass. Additionally, Hand Twins received Official Selection Nominations for Best Feature Film Script at the 2021 Miami Indie Film Awards, the 2021 Toronto Film & Script Awards, the 2022 Andromeda Film Festival, the 2022 LA Indies Film Festival and the 2022 Toronto International Women's Film Festival. Thanks to all of these accolades, Hand Twins is now ranked in the top 4% of all 92,191 screenplays on Coverfly. Requests to read the script can be submitted through TheBlackList, InkTip, FilmFreeway, ISA or on Coverfly.

Our Missing Colored Girls

Directed by  Quashon Davis and Wesley Collins

The City of East Orange has the same problem a lot of other towns have: black women are disappearing. Despite the frequency of these abductions, no one is sounding any alarms. Missing black women aren’t considered important enough to be considered a priority in most precincts.

There’s one thing East Orange has that other precincts don’t: Rookie Officer Kora Merrit. She’s only been on the force a handful of weeks, but she has already made it her personal mission to stop the mass abductions that are happening in her city.

She’s young, damaged, and wears her emotions on her sleeve. Kora never met her father, and doesn’t know who her mother is. A childhood of foster homes and broken promises hardened her, and Kora is one tough cop. Can she make her way through the sexism, racism, and other biases that she will face everyday in the old boys club, as she searches for answers to questions most other officers don’t even care about? What will happen when she finds out just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how high up the food chain it ends? Can Kora shrug off her own demons and keep the walls from closing in long enough to solve a mystery no one seems to want her to solve?


Directed by  Aranyak Chakrabarty

The film shows The journey of the human race. How human beings are spoiled by the various bodies of destiny, and how they rebel against destiny. The film also shows the various characteristic of human beings in every chapter of the film. The characteristics are also controlled by destiny.

Our Triumphant Holy Day

Directed by  Greg Di Roma

OUR TRIUMPHANT HOLY DAY chronicles filmmaker Greg Di Roma’s journey on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land in Israel and Palestine with 28 other pilgrims in January 2020. The film explores major sites of the Holy Land and their impact on Salvation History. The pilgrims follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and discover the human side of His story that highlight the true meanings of Love, Faith and Suffering. Along the way, the trip leads to a deep conversion in Greg’s Catholic Faith and Life that he never thought possible.

Justin and the Werloobee

Directed by John Vo, Ken Yoffe, Ellen Weisberg

Based on the story, FRUIT OF THE VINE (first published in the literary journal, PKA's Advocate). In JUSTIN AND THE WERLOOBEE, we meet Justin, a sensitive, introspective boy whose physical features and personality make him a convenient target for many of his cruel peers. One night, he wakes to find himself on a mysterious island, which is inhabited by a horde of bizarre creatures. Despite his desperation to find out where he is and, more importantly, how to get home, he becomes involved in the plight of Irvino, a beast who is ostracized on this island much in the way that Justin is in his own world. The story ends with a twist as Justin, in helping Irvino, ends up helping himself by making a lifelong friend out of Irvino. JUSTIN AND THE WERLOOBEE is unique from other stories in the fantasy genre in that it is meant not only for the grade school-aged fantasy enthusiast, but also for anyone interested in the topic of bullies, and how altruistic qualities can develop in children.

Full Moon

Directed by John Vo, Ken Yoffe, Ellen Weisberg

Full Moon tells a story about a little girl and her big sister celebrating Halloween. The little girl wonders about the man who she believes lives on the moon, who she also believes might need her help. Her big sister helps the little girl carry out her well-intentioned deed.

Logline: Love and imagination come together to make for a most memorable Halloween.

Feedback from a Little Free Library recipient of the published story, Full Moon: "Just in time for Halloween, we were gifted a copy of ”Full Moon” from Facepaint Nonprofit! This adorable tale is Junior Steward approved so swing by today for a beautiful story about a little girl, the man in the moon, and how one act of love and kindness can inspire others."

Music Inn , Jazz comes to Rome

Directed by  Carola De Scipio

The documentary tells the story of the famous jazz club located in Rome, Music Inn.
The history of the venue, told through interviews, historical documents and music, traces over forty years of Italian musical and social history, starting from the 1950s, highlighting the passion and dedication for jazz of Giuseppe “Pepito” Pignatelli and his wife, Maria Giulia Gallarati Scotti nicknamed "Picchi" creators of that story.

Disco Bloodbath 

Directed by  Marcus Palmer

A family of outsiders creates an outrageous, limitless, club-night that explodes in popularity. But, the fate of this iconic event hangs in the balance when our self-declared misfits reach their limits of performance and expression. In a spectacular ending, the group has an honor bestowed upon them that they never dreamt of.

Growing Up Guide Pup

Directed by  Matthew Thomas Chapman

Growing Up Guide Pup is a unscripted web series about two service dog maniacs named Amie and Matt. They started the first service dog organization in the world with a mission focused on education. Tax #ID 47-2288228. They produce films that promote community giving, edutainment, and lots of puppies. I mean who doesn't like puppies? A unique social agenda will help drive more people to want to raise puppies, get people interested in service dog etiquette and law, and bring the level of awareness about service dogs to a higher level of consciousness.

Black Eyes

A Reno detective struggles to catch her father's killer until her alter ego commands her to become the evil she must kill. Unfortunately, her alter ego to become a vigilante and control her 24/7. Now... the battle begins.

Flying Caterpillar

Directed by Kiren Anandji

An estranged schizophrenic father (Michael) battles with demons while trying to raise his son (Ezra). Is he aware of his decisions or blinded by his demons.

Finding the Line - An Exploration of Structural Integration

Directed by Aleš Urbanczik and Grzegorz Oleksa

Boulder Colorado and Esalen Institute USA 1960's & 1970’s:
Resulting from her studies Dr. Ida Rolf developed a program of postural re-patterning using fascial manipulation and movement education which she called Structural Integration and which is nowadays known in the public at large as ‘rolfing’.
Milano, Prague, Warszaw 2018 - 2022
This movie tells the story of an adventure - an adventure that will take the viewer into Ida Rolf's world of Structural Integration. At the heart of the movie are 8 students and their quest to understand Ida Rolf's philosophy during their 3 year Basic Trainings in Milano, Prague and Warsaw.
The movie also explains the basic ideas behind Structural Integration and discusses the most recent research into fascia.

Rhapsody in Justice

Directed by Anthony J Dixon

Following 3 journalists, “Rhapsody in Justice” cleverly portrays the idiosyncrasies and complexities of racism during the Trump era. Set in Harlem New York the film utilizes satirical humor and heart stopping drama that will have you on edge. It depicts a fresh, novel approach to a systematic problem in modern America. Aesthetically vibrant, musically moving through an original sound track, multiple outstanding performances from a gifted cast. “Rhapsody in Justice” is a must see, dose of medicine for your mind and soul. It will keep you thinking long after seeing this very entertaining historic film!



Princëney is a Caribbean boy that begins a journey towards the unimaginable to achieve his greatest wish: he just wants to be a prince.

Desk Defender

Directed by Sebastian Soler

A lone action figure attempts to defend itself from ten enemies atop a cluttered office desk.

Choking Hazard

Directed by Allanna Storing and Victoria Givlin

A quadruple amputee, excelling as a criminal defense lawyer seeks a new challenge. But becoming a serial killer poses it's own difficulties, trolling dating sites looking for a partner.

Man in a Can

Directed by Henk Pringles

A man leaves an oasis and starts walking. In the middle of the desert, he finds this strange building and immediately, he addresses someone on the inside of the building. Whether there's any need, for airco, food, or maybe even some music or television, here in this inhospitable part of the world?
After fruitless inquiries, the man spends the night in the desert. The morning after, he realizes that, ultimately, there's only one possible decision to make. All this is just a day dream of a guy on a beach, somewhere in Kenia. Slightly confused by his dream, he cannot but promise his girlfriend to come and swim with her on that first lovely day of the year.


Directed by Don Tjernagel

Corey has been recently separated from his wife and living with his grandmother. He is trying to build back as a single man, and readjust to that lifestyle.

Our Bus is On Fire

Directed by Lisa Gray

In a culture war of oppression and fear, comes an idea both daring and controversial.

Shot on the battle lines of our current culture war on Atlanta campuses, Our Bus is On Fire gathers clear voices, history, and the dark architecture of oppression together in compelling narratives.

Welcome to the changing world.

Secret superstars the hidden history of the Kennedy cup

Directed by Tom O'Flaherty

They say truth is stranger than fiction.

In the case of the Kennedy Cup, there’s no doubt
this remarkable, but untold story would otherwise
be regarded as a very tall tale, were it not all too
fantastically true.

Imagine some of the best professional footballers
of the 1960s in Britain and, indeed, Ireland coming
to the picturesque little shoreside pitch of a rural
Irish town – often in disguise – for matches with
local amateur players.

Well, that’s the Kennedy Cup. And it’s only the half
of it.

Losing Us

Directed by  Teele Dunkley

17-year-old Gezim, refugee and victim of human trafficking in the UK, is doing everything he can to keep his 12-year-old sister Elira safe after their mother goes missing and they are left to fend for themselves.

The Cavaliere (Series)

Written by Matthew Habibeh

Bernini, successor to Michelangelo and raised by the papacy, competes against artisans of his time to complete St. Peter's Basilica and the Louvre.

Blades in the Darkness

Directed by Alex Visani

Tirana 1997. The chaos left by the fall of communism has opened the doors to a bloody civil war. Matia, just a teenager, is harassed by his playmates. In an attempt to escape, he hides inside an abandoned bunker. In that spooky building, Matia will be the first to discover something scary and unthinkable that will change his whole life .... Tirana 2022. Davide, Giulia, Nua and Adrian are planning their new future; an investment for a new modern venue using a bunker from the former regime. One of the group, secretly is willing to cheat the others in order to pay off a debt to some "old acquaintances", who will not take no for an answer. In the bunker, where the group of youngsters expect their dream come true, they will find drugs, violence and fear. The real horror though hides behind an old wall. A bloodthirsty horror armed with deadly blades.

Casting Film Youssef Shaheen

Directed by Mahmoud Mahmoud 
Produced by semeh helmy

The film "Casting Film Youssef Shaheen" is about the history and future of cinema. The film is dedicated to a group of directors like Youssef Shaheen, Shadi Abed El Salam, Tarkovsky, Fellini, Bergman, Pasolini, Kim di-duk, Kurosawa, and Theo Angelopoulous.

All of those directors went through the same social, psychological, artistic, economic, and emotional crises that are present nowadays, and we are afraid that future directors will continue to suffer the same crisis. Through the film, we dive into the past and the future using an ascetic and simple low-budget cinematic style which is at the same time full of modern audiovisual content.

The Laureate

Directed by William L Nunez

Set in the mid-1920s, celebrated poet and writer Robert Graves returns from war traumatised and creatively struggling. It takes young poet Laura Riding to re-ignite Robert’s passion, and with the blessing of his wife, Nancy, his muse becomes his lover. With the three of them sharing a life, soon, Laura’s attention turns to Nancy, and a complicated relationship that scandalised society threatens to risk everything they have.


Directed by Leo Berne and Raphaël Rodriguez

Every night, The Censor and his team moderate Yoko’s dreams. Tonight nothing happens as planned.

Extasium - a Doorway to Paradise

Directed by Guilhem Bertrand and  Quentin Bruet-Ferréol

In the secrecy of a Parisian building, for half a century, an outsider artist has built a machine that has the alleged power of invoking God at will. Every night, his creation plunges him into a powerful ecstasy. A religious and sexual trance. Revealing a new outsider artist to the world, this documentary follows him for 2 years. His machine is impossible to move, which is quite a problem when you’re only a tenant. Today, his owner is trying everything to kick him out.