Patrik Krivanek is a Czech Film and TVC's Director, Producer, and Writer. He is known for thought-provoking and visually-driven storytelling with an excellent eye for detail and excellent working with actors. He graduated from the world-renowned Film BA (Directing & Advanced Screenwriting) course at the Westminster Film School in the United Kingdom, where he was also the Vice President of the Film Society and Director of the Westminster Film Festival. He previously studied at the Film & TV School Wales (the University of South Wales - formerly Newport Film School). During his studies, he became a member of BAFTA Wales, a member of the British Film Institute (BFI), and a member of the Royal Television Society (RTS). His experience includes working on many short and feature films, high-end commercials, and television programs. In 2017, he worked as an Assistant Director on the Czech feature film Usmevy smutnych muzu (Smiles of Sad Men), which launched into cinemas in 2018 with an attendance of 180 thousand people in the first weeks. In 2019, the film was awarded the Czech Lion Award (Film Fans Award). Together with director Dan Svatek, he is now producing a new film, Dve slova jako klic (Two Words as the Key), to be shot all around the world. As a director, producer, and writer, he is also preparing his feature debut film, Muddy Shoes, with an expected cinema release in 2023. Additionally, he is an award-winning filmmaker. Many of the films he has written, directed, or produced either won or were nominated for awards at the internationally recognized film festivals all around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Toronto, London, Berlin, Cardiff, and Prague.



Los Angeles native, Dawn Garcia is an award-winning writer, magazine editor and journalist whose road to get where she is today has been a rather colorful journey. With experience in network marketing and advertising, production, and publishing, she has written books, films, short fiction, TV Series', and magazines. Her journey began as a makeup and special effects artist, evolved into working in Advertising for a major TV Network, and eventually led her to her ultimate calling: storytelling. Known for her work ethic and impeccable taste in design and aesthetics, she continues to fight for quality content, diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the entertainment industry.

Dawn is Irish, Spanish, British and Mexican with a passion for words. An equality activist, mother, lover of film and culture, her family origin is steeped in old Hollywood nostalgia and is peppered with unfathomable loss. Writing is her refuge, and her first love.
She lives in Southern California with her daughter Barcelona, her partner, his son, a dog and two cats. She searches for meaning in everything.



Tereza Hirsch is a Czech-german director, who studied and worked in Los Angeles. There, she shot her directorial debut "The Guilt List" in 2016, which is a political drama from 1953. The film has been chosen to more than 60 film festivals all around the world and won 16 awards, including Best Short Film and Best Cinematography in Brazil International Film Festival. Immediately after her very successful debut, she founded a production company Hirsch Pictures, under which name she made other very successful short film Beyond Her Lens (2019). The film is inspired by the life and work of war zone photographer Jana Andert, the main character was played by Lucie Vondráčková. The film has been selected for more than 80 festivals around the world and won more than 25 awards.

After 5 years in Los Angeles, Tereza returned to Prague. Currently, Tereza is engaged in various projects, mainly in short films and music videos. She also continues her successful collaboration with Lucie Vondráčková and has directed a music video for her song "Lovemaking," (Milování) where she combined a harmony of UV lights and colors. The music video is currently experiencing first successes, for example as a winner of the Canadian Cinematography Awards.



I am trying to create my own world. I create because of comfort, love and so much fun. I currently study cinematography. I am thinking about following this up with film school in London for two years, studying
for an MA.

I love colour grading. Yvan Lucas, Tarantino´s colour gradist, wrote to me the other day complimenting my work. This was a huge honour
for me.

I prefer the single image. For example, imagine that your image is in a gallery exhibition, people are walking around from picture to picture. Of course, you want them to stop in front of your piece. To think and feel something. This is really hard, especially with a single image.

Social media is actually not that important to me. I find things in real life more influential. Instagram does however help me to promote my work and allow more people to see it and appreciate it.



Erik Jasaň graduated from the Bratislava Conservatory in Music and Dramatic Art. During his studies he performed at the State Theater Košice in the main character of the musical On the Glass Painted (by Ernest Bryll and Katarzyna Gärtnerová). As an actor, he made several short feature films. His films won more than 30 international awards.
With his film group GOLDEN ART he makes short and feature films. He is currently preparing his first feature film. As an executive producer and screenwriter, he is involved in the production of a film documentary about art theft. In addition to this film, a feature film from the period of the Second World War is being prepared in cooperation with the Czech Republic and the UK. He appeared as an actor in a feature film produced by Slovak and Czech public television. He participates as a director and judge at several festivals such as: 26th Golden Beggar, Košice and Prague International Monthly Film Festival. In year 2019, his short film Happy Marriage was screened in Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, Academy Award Oscar Qualifying Festival.